Hannah Brown, Peter Weber, Instagram


Peter Weber is ready to find love again, this time as the star of The Bachelor. But what if a certain woman who broke his heart on TV made a surprise appearance?

It was announced on Tuesday that the 27-year-old pilot, who romanced Hannah Brown on The Bachelorette season 15, will be the star of the 24th season of The Bachelor. Weber appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday to talk about his upcoming run on the show...and overcoming heartache.

"Did Hannah B break your heart?" Ellen DeGeneres asked Weber.

"She did, yeah," he replied, nodding.

DeGeneres later posed a shocking potential Bachelor plot twist.

"What if you get down to the end and you have a few people that you like, then they send her in?" DeGeneres asked. "What if that happens?"

"Listen, I fell in love with her and I've been moving on," Weber said. "I don't know if I'll completely lose all that love in my heart for her. I kinda hope I don't, 'cause that will show me what I had was true and it was real. But I'm ready to move on and I'm ready to find my girl and I'm very hopeful this is gonna work out."

Weber and Brown, who has since broken up with her chosen winner and fleeting fiancé Jed Wyatt, had last reunited at The Bachelor finale.


"I was excited just to finally get some closure, close that book and move on," Weber said. "But I'm always going to have amazing memories with Hannah. She means a ton to me. But I'm ready for this next journey."

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