Joe Anglim, Sierra Dawn Thomas


Outwit. Outplay. Outlast. Out I do. 

Survivor competitors Joe Anglim and Sierra Dawn Thomas announced their engagement on Tuesday. These two CBS all-stars go way back to 2014 when they first locked eyes on the sandy beaches of Nicaragua during Survivor: Worlds Apart, although they didn't start dating immediately after the show.

Both Anglim and Thomas posted about the joyous news on social media. Thomas' photo showed the beautiful teardrop diamond on her perfectly painted yellow fingernails.

"Forever and ever, amen," she captioned it.

Anglim's snapshot showed him and his signature man bun kissing his newly minted fiancée's hand with the ring on full display.

According to People, the proposal was a complete and total surprise. 

32-year-old Thomas explained to the magazine that they were on their way back from Anglim's sister's wedding in Arizona and made a pit-stop in Utah to camp for the evening.

"We pulled in just as the sun was setting, and we decided to go for a little walk. We found the perfect swinging chair facing the mountains and the most beautiful sunset. There were even some deer running across a dirt road!" she told People.

After sitting down and popping open a bottle of bottle of rosé, Anglim apparently started professing his love nonstop but she didn't think anything of it.

"He was explaining his love for me, and I would say, 'Yeah, baby. I love you too!'" Thomas said.

She continued, "But then he got off the swing, reached into his coat, and got on one knee. It finally hit me what he was doing. I started crying, and he started crying! We were both crying." Thus, she was given a teardrop sparkler and accepted his romantic proposal.

Thomas told the magazine that she had "no idea" he would propose but that they're "going to live happily ever after!"

Both Thomas and Anglim have competed on multiple seasons of the reality show, which is now in its 38th season. This moment is a bit meta for Survivor fans. Anglim vied for the win on Survivor: Cambodia—Second Chance in 2015, and he's also on the current season of Edge of Extinction.

Thomas made her strategic moves on Survivor: Game Changers as well.

Neith Anglim nor Thomas won their respective seasons (well, Edge of Extinction is TBD), but it's clear that their love has outlived any competition.

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Joe Anglim, Sierra Dawn Thomas


Will Jeff Probst officiate? 

This Survivor couple has formed an alliance that is going all the way to the end.

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