Find Out How Lisa Wound Up With a "Cobra Neck Deformity"—And See If The Botched Docs Can Fix It

By Emily Mae Czachor Mar 28, 2019 2:00 AMTags
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When Lisa went under the knife for a face lift in her early fifties, she mostly just wanted strangers to stop calling her grandma.

"[The plastic surgeon] said, 'A deep plane face lift is gonna last you about 20 years.' And I thought, 'Well, that's great. That way I can just age out with Paul now,'" recalled the Texas native with a laugh at the start of Wednesday's Botched season finale. Lisa first met her husband Paul—who's 15 years her junior—when she was 37 years old. After dating for eight years, they happily tied the knot and have been married for more than a decade since. The generational difference was never an issue, though her husband's age did begin to make Lisa more conscious of hers.  

Shortly after saying "I do," the couple found a surrogate to deliver their first child Madison in 2008, and their second Marshall in 2012. After having Marshall, the then-new mom of two remembered more and more people starting to ask her if she was the kids' grandmother instead.

"It made me start looking at myself," she told the Botched camera. "I know I'm old enough to be a grandmother but I didn't want to look like a grandma."

Botched Patients Before and After: Shocking Transformations!

Lisa's plastic surgeon underestimated the face lift's longevity by a long shot. Not only did the procedure fail to produce the anti-aging results it promised, but she actually felt like she looked older coming out of surgery than she did going in. And unfortunately, that's far from the worst part.

"Within three weeks, I knew something was wrong," she told Drs. Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow during their first meeting. "As more of the swelling went down, I did see my joules coming back here," the patient explained. "I couldn't open my mouth. I couldn't…I mean, I couldn't even bite a sandwich at that time."

By the time Lisa sat down with the Botched doctors, it looked like there was a chunk of flesh missing where the underside of her chin should've been. "Lisa has what we call a cobra neck deformity," explained Dr. Nassif. "Because all the tissue in the midline has been removed, and that's the hollow part of it."

Botched Docs' Most Hilarious Quotes

"This is actually one of the most difficult things to correct after you've had surgery," warned Dr. Dubrow ahead of Lisa's consultation. And—much like a handful of plastic surgeons had told her already—his colleague agreed.

Of course, neither Botched doc has been known to back down from surgical challenges if they can help it, and Dr. Nassif rose to this particular occasion with grace and gusto. Just three months post-surgery, Lisa was totally transformed—and not just physically. In fact, she confidently told the cameras the procedure had "changed [her] life."

"Thanks to Dr. Nassif, my neck is smooth, I look 10 years younger, I'm able to hold up high and stand with my kids as a proud mother. And as a proud wife of a man that's 15 years younger," she smiled. "Say what you want, but I'm the one with the hot young husband!" These days, Paul is probably saying the same about his wife.

Dr. Dubrow came through with a life-altering surgery too this week after meeting Whitney, a woman who originally described her oddly shaped breasts as "upside down zucchini." 

Paul Nassif & Terry Dubrow's Bromance

The patient explained that she was never exactly flat-chested: "When I was in the eighth grade, I had DD's. They called me 'Titney Whitney,'" she said. And after she gave birth to her daughter Madison at 18 years old, they were significantly less perky than the new mom would have hoped. "They literally hung to my belly button," she remembered. "It was devastating."

So, she found a plastic surgeon to perform a standard breast lift and reduction. Or at least, that's what Whitney expected. But after waking up from surgery, she learned the doctor had gone with a markedly different procedure while she was sedated. "The doctor had put breast implants in without my knowledge," she grimaced. "It mentally really messed me up. I look different than every other woman in this world."

Whitney went back for two additional surgeries in the hopes of correcting her plastic surgeon's rogue decision. But years later, her implants were still pretty severely misshapen and more or less the same size they'd always been.

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"I am ready to be a part of the itty bitty titty committee club for the first time ever," she laughed before very seriously telling Dr. Dubrow, "I want to be as small as you can make me. I've been big breasted my whole life."

During Whitney's consultation, Dr. Dubrow realized that her surgical issues would be "deceptively difficult" to remedy, but the Messiah of Breasts went ahead and tackled them anyway.

Eight weeks later, Whitney's implants had been removed and she felt entirely brand-new.

"The fact that I have no breast implants is a huge weight off my shoulders," she said, strutting confidently through a Vegas casino looking fabulous and feeling the part. "I finally have the breasts I've always wanted. I've been dealt the perfect pair," she quipped.

See Whitney and Lisa's post-surgery transformations in the full recap video above!