No one in Riverdale is ever having a really good time, but Archie especially has had a rough go. 

Just this season, the poor kid has had to endure torture in juvie, was nearly made a sacrifice, had to escape a prison fight club by crawling through a sewer right after being stabbed, then had to run away to Canada because his girlfriend's dad was trying to kill him, then became a park ranger where he was attacked by a bear, only to come back to discover that his girlfriend/sorta ex-girlfriend had started hooking up with one of his best frenemies, and he wasn't ready for the SATs

Archie lives a rough life, and apparently that's not changing any time soon. 

E! News talked to the star at Annenberg PetSpace, where he was on hand supporting a partnership between ASPCA and Bumble, and he made it clear that the show isn't cooling down.  

"We're in another universe essentially. The writers can do whatever they want. Like, I got attacked by a bear," he told us. "I've done the craziest stuff on this show, so they can take it as far as they want." 

When asked if things might at least get a little calmer for Archie himself, Apa gave a pretty definitive no.

"Does Archie ever get a break? No, he doesn't," Apa says. "I don't expect Archie to get a break any time soon." 

You can hear more from Apa about Riverdale and his work with Bumble and the ASPCA in the video above, and on E! News. 

Riverdale airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on the CW. 

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