Dina Lohan, Jesse Nadler

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Vivienne Hu, Twitter

Turns out Dina Lohanisn't being catfished after all!

The Big Brother: Celebrity Edition contestant admitted on the show that it's been five years since the celebrity started "dating" a man and they have yet to meet. Naturally, her fellow contestants and viewers assumed that the star is sadly being catfished and called upon MTV star Nev Schulman to get to the bottom of the issue.

As a man devoted to investigating circumstances like these, Nev was immediately on board with the idea of finding Dina's mystery man who she said she is "gonna marry." Much like the rest of the Twitter-sphere, he was perplexed by the idea that Lohan could feel so strongly that her beau was for real, even though they hadn't even FaceTimed. 

According to Dina, who lives in New York, the man lives in San Francisco, Calif. and is nursing his ailing mother. Hence, the reason why they can't meet. 

Now, Nev is nearing the end of his investigation into the man and he is revealing the shocking results. "UPDATE: found @dinalohan's boyfriend...but his story is way bigger than I could have ever imagined," the reality star tweeted on Wednesday. 

According to Schulman, the boyfriend is Jesse Nadler, but that's just about all he is revealing so far. He teased, "Much much more coming soon..."

It appears that this case wasn't that difficult for Nev to break since Jesse actually outed himself on Twitter. "Sweet Lady- I'm Real,,, and Not a Cat Fish- I Love that @dinalohan I'll Never Make a Fool Out of Her,,,She's Possesses Something Very Near and Dear to My Heart-," Nadler tweeted to the CBS Big Brother Twitter account.

What's even crazier is the fact that Jesse has talked to Dina's ex Michael Lohan on the phone. Michael told his followers that the man is a "great guy." 

And, if that isn't crazy enough, Dina is totally unaware of what is happening since she is still in the Big Brother house. Wednesday night is the finale though, so maybe a first date with Nadler is in her future!

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