Lochte 108

This Memorial Day weekend, we brought you guys a present: Three all-new episodes of What Would Ryan Lochte Do?, including the season one finale!

So many things happened...Ryan Lochte broke it off with Jaimee, knowing that the two of them couldn't make it work long-distance. Then Ryan tried to go on a date with Chantae, but it was too weird since they were such good friends.

Plus, the Lochterage gave Ryan his very first spring break, Lochte tried a jetpack, Gene shot Ryan on the butt during a game of paintball, Ryan considered moving to Los Angeles, the Lochte family had a photo shoot...it was a busy time for Lochte!

So without further ado, here are all the Lochte-Isms from the last three episodes of season one!


"Everyone in our family is just straight up weird"

"I'm on my own team, I'm gonna shoot everyone. Ryan Lochte vs. all!"

"Relax, take a shot or something"

"There are certain things that...it's not fair for Jaimee, and I knew how this conversation was going to go. So I turned off my mic"

"I only have three months left of training...and I'm f*cked"

"Everyone's gonna see...Ryan's wee wee"

"My family can't kill me in public"

"Oh my gosh, you just started World War 4"

"He's got a little tire around his stomach that needs deflating"

"I would love to know what Carter thinks. Not much goes on up in his head I think. He's like my son"

"Too many bananas bouncing up and down...flying purple monkeys...you name it"

"He has 'a girlfriend' that he has to 'attend to'"

"It was like a Lochte feeding frenzy in that pool, and I was the bait"

"We got a lot in common...she likes Mountain Dew, salt & vinegar chips, the white gummi bears..."

Producers: "Let's talk about the love journey"
Ryan: "IT'S ALL F*CKED UP!" 

That's it for season one! Check back here for more Lochte news, pics and videos!

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