What would Ryan Lochte do...with a girl from London? Well, that depends; does he have a swim meet?

Ryan was happy that his on-again, off-again girlfriend Jaimee was visiting from England, but the visit didn't come at a great time. Lochte had a swim meet coming up, and he had to train by pulling a 500lb chain:


And he had to sign autographs and meet fans at the event:


But Jaimee was there for support at the meet (even though Ryan has some more training to do), and the two were happy to see each other:


They even found some time to swim with the dolphins:


You can tell Lochte really likes Jaimee, because he actually made her dinner! Sure, it was pizza, but it's the thought that counts:


And it looks like it worked out pretty well:


Sadly, though, Jaimee had to head back to England. Will this star-crossed couple find a way to make things work, or will Jaimee be the one that got away...again?


"Piece of cake"—Ryan's trainer
"What kind of cake are you eating?"—Ryan

"She had no idea who I was, which, right off the bat, I was like...perfect!"

"That's what girls do, they get all fancy dancy in the house, decorating"

"Two thumbs up for Ryan!"

"The weirdest thing I had to sign was someone's french fry"

"Mom, do you not understand I burn Easy Mac?"

"If you have two people who connect, you can go to McDonald's and still have a romantic dinner"

"She's in England, she has a job, she has her own family over there. I just don't know the answer."

Tune in next Sunday at 10:30/9:30c for another all-new episode of What Would Ryan Lochte Do?, only on E!

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