Mr. Lochte goes to Washington!

On this week's episode of What Would Ryan Lochte Do?, Ryan Lochte and his mom went to Washington, D.C. to see the sights and help out a good cause. That meant it was time for a new haircut, the effects of which Ryan explains in the above GIF.

Unfortunately, the girls in D.C. were way to into politics, which had Lochte doing this:


The Lochtes were in town for Ryan to accept an award from Parents Project Muscular Dystrophy for his work in helping the charity to fight the disease. The cause is close to Ryan's heart, as one of his own family members died from Duchenne.

That meant that Lochte had to give a speech, though, which he wasn't quite prepared for.

Lochte GIFs


But after a little bit of practice...



...And a little bit of inspiration from the kids at the event...



...Ryan was ready to give his speech. It was a good one, and that Dancing Banana that gets in his head didn't show up once!


To thank her for all of her support on the trip (and in life in general), Ryan surprised his mom with a new car! She cried, of course, and Ryan teared up a bit too. Tune in next Sunday at 10/9c for more What Would Ryan Lochte Do?, only on E!



"The key to the Lochte haircut is looking fresh and up to date"

"Redhead, blonde, brunette...she could have green hair for all I care"

"Know why Abraham Lincoln is my favorite president? What president can rock a top hat? He's got mad swag"

"I guess you could call him Ex Benedict"

"While I'm honored to accept this award, I just swim. The real champions are in this room"

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