Hair goals.

Daniel claims that his hair is insured for a pretty penny on Sunday's season one finale of What Happens at The Abbey. In this clip from the show, Elizabeth can't even with Daniel when she sees that he brought his hairbrush to work with him.

"You brought your hairbrush to work with you?" Elizabeth asks.

"I always bring my hairbrush to work," Daniel tells Elizabeth.

When Elizabeth asks why, Daniel explains that you "never know" when you need to brush your hair. Then in his confessional, he claims his hair is insured up to $750,000!

Daniel, What Happens at The Abbey, What Happens at The Abbey 107


Do you believe Daniel's hair is really insured for that much money?!

Take a look at the What Happens at The Abbey clip above to see Elizabeth react to Daniel's hairbrush and see him talk about his long locks!

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