"That was f--ked up."

Elizabeth is in tears on this Sunday's What Happens at The Abbey. On the episode, The Abbey squad is in Las Vegas and when Elizabeth overhears Kim "talking s--t" about her, she breaks down.

"I just came outside to smoke a cigarette and I heard Kim talking s--t about me," Elizabeth says in the clip above. "And it's like any normal person would listen, it's a natural reaction."

Elizabeth is sitting in a place where Kim can't see her, so Kim continues to talk about Elizabeth to Lawrence and Brandi.

"It doesn't all have to be angry and terrible, it's such a turnoff to me and I like hate it," Kim says. "It really turns me off and I'm like, 'OK this is why this would never work.'"

Elizabeth, What Happens at The Abbey


Kim continues, "This whole romantic thing that she thinks is working is not working at all. So that's that, I'm done. I'm actually done."

After this, Elizabeth decides to let Kim know she heard everything she said.

"Kim, f--k you," Elizabeth says.

See Kim's reaction when she realizes Elizabeth heard her conversation in the clip above!

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