Kyle is sweeping Marissa off her feet!

On Sunday's What Happens at The Abbey, Kyle takes Marissa on a date, hoping that she'll give him a chance.

"I'm really surprised that Kyle asked me out on a date because I know he's been wanting to get with me but I always thought that he just wanted to get in me," Marissa says in the clip above.

During their cute picnic, Marissa tells Kyle, "To me, I felt like you were a f--kboy and I'm not the f--kboy whisperer. But now I realize that you're really not, you're actually really nice."

Marissa, Kyle, What Happens at The Abbey


Kyle laughs, "A f--kboy whisperer?"

Marissa tells him that she didn't think she was but apparently now she is!

"Mission is clear, get Marissa to think I am not a f--kboy," Kyle says.

Watch the hilarious What Happens at The Abbey clip above to see Marissa and Kyle's date!

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