"Are you f--king kidding me?"

The cast of What Happens at The Abbey is ready to defend Elizabeth on this Sunday's episode. While Elizabeth and former Abbey employee Erin are having a tense argument, Lawrence's friend Chris jumps in and calls Elizabeth a "whale," shocking everyone.

"Stop talking to the whale," Chris tells Erin.

A stunned Elizabeth and Kim stare at Chris, trying to see if they heard him correctly.

"What did you just say?" Elizabeth and Kim ask Chris at the same time.

"I didn't stutter sweetie, you heard me," Chris responds. "Stop talking to the whale."

Kim clearly cannot believe what she's hearing and asks Chris, "Why would you say that? That's like disturbing."

After hearing what happened, everyone, including Kyle, jumps in to defend Elizabeth.

Watch The Abbey staff react to the comment in the shocking clip above!

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