Khloe and Lamar

On this week's episode of Khloé & Lamar things are looking up because—drum roll, please—Rob Kardashian is coming to visit!

"Being new to a city—not knowing anyone—I'm definitely lonely," Khloé Kardashian Odom says. "Now that Rob's here it gives me someone to hang out with."

Awww, Khloé, be careful what you wish for because momma Kris Jenner is coming to town too! But before she does, Kris calls and asks for Mark Cuban's phone number (aka the owner of the Mavericks). Now, why do you think she'd want that little nugget of information?!

Things become tense with Rob as Khloé and Lamar Odom reveal that they'd like him to move to Dallas. "I don't want to take a step backwards," Rob says, explaining that at 25, he's ready to make a life for himself.

"I get it," Khloé says. "You have your own life, but Lamar needs you right now, Rob, like your boy is hurting…[and] I am really lonely in Dallas."

Rob gets a bit of a reprieve when he goes to see Kris in her hotel room. While they wait for Khloé, Rob starts to poke around as to why she was given the penthouse suite. Looks like that phone number came in handy!

"Mark Cuban takes care of me," Kris says. "I got here and the red carpet was rolled out, I can't help it!"

That red carpet also includes Kim and Kourtney Kardashian being flown into Dallas on a private plane and a private box at Lamar's Maverick's game. Ooh la la!

"I'm so embarrassed that my mom would go behind my back and reach out to Mr. Cuban," Khloé says after finding out the source of Kris' gifts. "I don't think my mom is hearing anything I have to say."

As the family vacay winds down not only is Khloé still hurting from her mother's actions, but Rob is starting to feel the pressure to stay in Dallas. "My sisters and my mom—they tell me what to do a lot and it's so frustrating…I want to show everyone I'm capable of living on my own."

While Rob may seem like a lost Dallas cause, Kris manages to smooth the waters after a heart to heart with Lamar about his team, the move and his overall career.

"Kris, I think she feels for me because she understands my mother passed away at a young age," Lamar says. "She always has words of encouragement, and it seems like what she tells me sticks."

Khloé senses the shift in his mood too, as she says, "Overhearing what my mom is saying to Lamar—that's how my mom is. She just knows how to say the right thing and comfort people, she's great at being a mother, but I'm still annoyed."

That annoyance vanishes once the air is cleared and Lamar gives props to Kris for reaching out to Mark for the box seats. He even says that knowing where his family was helped him during the game. Way to go, Kris!

"Moms are moms," Khloé says afterward. "Does she embarrass me? Yeah. Is she annoying at times? Yeah. But that's my mom and I think if you asked anyone about their mom they'd say the same thing."

Even though Rob says he wants to focus on his life in La-La Land, something changes on the way to the airport and he decides to stay in Dallas. "I kinda do have a change of heart because there could be a million things going right in our life, but if the family part isn't right, everything else feels wrong."

"The old trio is back together," Khloé says when her brosef walks through the door. Hooray! Happy times are here again, right?!

Maybe not, as the teaser for next week's episode reveals that a visit from Khloé's BFF Malika Haqq comes at a high cost. Tune in for that all new episode of Khloé & Lamar on Sunday, May 6 at 10/9c only on E!

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