Could this be the end? 

On this week's episode of WAGS Miami, Kayla Cox and Faven Liuget are finally on good terms after squashing the drama and Kayla feels close enough to let Faven in on a major life secret. 

"Eric and I are separating," Kayla reveals. "We're kind of in a trying time. We met when I was 18 years old and I'm growing into a different person." After her bombshell reveal, Faven is reasonably stunned by the announcement.

"What she told me is crazy as f--k but at the same time I'm not gonna say anything," Faven shares. "That s--t is going to stay with me." Like any good friend, Faven is going to keep her mouth closed. 

"I'm 25 years old. There are so many things I haven't done and haven't explored," Kayla shares. "I'm just at the point of wanting to have fun." 

See the shocking reveal in the clip above! 

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