Kayla Cox is hoping to bury the hatchet.

In this sneak peek from tonight's all-new episode of WAGS Miami, the swimsuit model attempts to apologize to Astrid Bavaresco because word got out that she was talking bad about her behind her back following the drink-throwing fiasco with Hencha Voigt.

After an opinionated group conversation during Ashley Nicole Roberts' bachelorette celebration, Kayla pulls Astrid aside to have a heart-to-heart.

"I really do care a lot about you, and I feel like we do have a friendship and I value your friendship," she says. "And to be honest, sometimes I voice, and I just do things in the moment."

WAGS Miami 205, Astrid Bavaresco, Kayla Cox


She continues, "And in the moment when you threw the drink in the face, and like you got up and stormed off, that hurt my feelings too. And to be honest I don't even really remember venting everything."

Astrid replies, "It sucks because obviously like I'm here and like I'm worried about what's going to happen with Hencha because she's like a little ticking time bomb. The last thing I wanted to do is have to also worry about a situation with you."

Can Kayla and Astrid repair their friendship? See what happens in the clip above!

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