Don't hate the player, hate the game! 

Astrid Bavaresco is enjoying her single life to the fullest and dating two men. But on this week's episode of WAGS Miami, not everyone is a fan of her current romantic situation, and Kayla Cox isn't afraid to say something about it. 

"Michael is just not persistent. Michael is not waking up saying good morning like Jonathan does, " Astrid says. "I feel like when I met Jonathan I was like, ‘Damn.' When I met Michael I was like, ‘He's so cute, he's a nice guy.' But I have this pressure that I need to like cut one of them off and I think that's such a double standard." 

Astrid Bavaresco, Kayla Cox, WAGS Miami


While it may seem like a double standard to Astrid, Kayla only sees one way to go. "No you don't have to cut him off, I just don't get why he deserved the manners to tell Jonathan and not Michael. I just don't get it." Kayla asked. 

"It was Jonathan's curiosity to be like, ‘Hey are you dating? What are you doing?' Michael hasn't asked me, 'Hey are you exclusively only talking to me?'" Astrid claims. But Kayla is not buying what she's selling. "Didn't you say that [Faven Liuget] put the pressure on you to choose between a guy?" Kayla claims. 

"No she didn't do that at all. You're the one telling me that I need to tell Michael something," Astrid defends. Uh-oh. Kayla may have started something she can't finish. 

Watch the clip above to see all the drama! 

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