Calling all eligible bachelors!

While chatting exclusively with E! News ahead of Sunday's season premiere of WAGS Miami, star Astrid Bavaresco admitted she's tired of the relationship games and ready to settle down with the right man. "I think at this point in my life I'm looking for love," she revealed. "I am in that stage in my life."

Now that she knows what she wants, fans of the series will get to see the Hera Swim founder step onto Miami's dating scene with a couple attractive suitors in season two. But what exactly is she looking for in a potential boyfriend?

Astrid Bavaresco


"As you will see on the dates that I went on, I feel like I'm giving myself a chance," Bavaresco said. "The guys that I do go for, the guys that I do consider taking on a date, all have certain qualities in common. I like a guy that's family-oriented, that's driven. There are certain things that I do look for in a man, but I just haven't found the one."

She also admits that (shocker!) he does not have to be an athlete. In fact, that's actually preferred.

"I'd like to get approached by someone who's not an athlete, but for some reason I guess that's just what I attract or the circle that I'm in," she told us. "I guess as long as I'm in this WAGS world that's just what I'm going to keep on attracting."

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Still, dating isn't her main focus. Bavaresco is also staying quite busy chasing her passions. In addition to expanding her swimwear line, the Miami-raised businesswoman is also pursuing a master's degree in speech pathology. After fracturing her pelvis and going to rehab, she ultimately realized her calling by watching the "amazing" work of the people who helped her recover.

"I work with all kinds of people now," she explained. "I have patients that have autism, cerebral palsy to adults that have had strokes and swallowing disorders. It's just amazing, but the root of it is that I love communication. I love to talk and anything I can do to help someone be able to express and communicate themselves, their feelings and their needs, I'm really passionate about it."

Meanwhile, living in Miami was all the inspiration she needed to launch Hera Swim. But she also wanted to create styles that would be inclusive of all body types.

"I haven't always been confident in my skin," she confessed. "I've always loved one-pieces because I've been self-conscious about my stomach, but I thought, 'Where can I find a cute one-piece?' My swimwear does cater to women with curves. A lot of it was me picking out and designing pieces that would fit a curvy body type or a woman that wanted to look a little sexy but didn't want to be in a little two-piece bikini. We have a little bit of everything, but that's my main concern."

Amen to that!

Check out the clip above for a sneak peek of what's to come on Sunday's premiere episode of WAGS Miami!

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