It may be hot in Miami, but these ladies have more than enough shade! 

On the season two premiere of WAGS Miami, some things never change. The ladies' yacht trip is ruined by some major fighting. A lovely day on the water quickly turns their boat into a war zone—and no topic is off limits. 

"I want to thank you guys for coming. I'm glad that we could all get together and have a good time," Ashley Nicole Wheeler explains in this preview clip. "This WAGS world is small, and I feel like we're always going to be around each other. At this point, whatever drama we had, it's not worth it."

While all the girls are hoping to take Ashley's words to heart, it's Hencha Voigt who gets the ball rolling by clearing the air between her and Claudia Sampedro. Well, at least she tried. "Claudia, I really don't have hate for you. If you want to move forward, I'm over it," Hencha claimed.

WAGS 201, Ashley Nicole Wheeler


It could have all been said and done if Claudia just accepted the apology, but lets just say humility is not her best quality. "I don't feel like I ever went in on anybody," Claudia claimed. "I don't feel like I ever went and mentioned anything, called anybody names, nothing." 

"You did say some stuff," Ashley claimed. "Oh really?" Claudia questioned. "You called me a ratchet ass bitch," Ashley shared. But of course, Claudia is not about to apologize. 

Surprisingly, it is the tension between Astrid Bavaresco and Darnell Thibodeaux that really gets things going. "Astrid, we have a lot to talk about too. I don't even know where to start that s--t at," Darnell reveals. 

Watch the sneak peek above to see all the drama unfold! 

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