1. WAGS Miami 208, Ashley Nicole, Philip Wheeler

    WAGS Miami Season Finale Recap: Ashley Nicole Marries Philip Wheeler as Kayla Cox Announces Her Separation

  2. WAGS Miami 208

    Watch Ashley Nicole Get Ready to Walk Down the Aisle in WAGS Miami Season Finale Sneak Peek: "This Is My Moment"

  3. Darnell Nicole, WAGS Miami 207

    Darnell Nicole Gets Some Shocking News About Her New Beau in WAGS Miami Sneak Peek: ''That is Somebody I Used to Smash!''

  4. Kayla Cox, WAGS 201

    Kayla Cox Shares a Shocking Secret With Faven Liuget on WAGS Miami: "What She Told Me is Crazy As F--k!"

  5. WAGS Miami

    WAGS Miami Recap: Darnell Sparks a Connection With Retired Football Player Darnell Dockett

  6. Darnell Nicole, WAGS Miami 206

    Darnell Nicole Considers Dating an Athlete Named Darnell on WAGS Miami: ''I Don't Know If That's Weird or Hot as F--k!''

  7. Darnell Nicole, WAGS Miami 402

    Darnell Nicole Opens Up About Breakup With Reshad Jones: ''I Just Feel Like I Will Never F--king Heal!''

  8. Hencha Voigt, WAGS Miami 206

    Hencha Voigt Puts Astrid Bavaresco on Blast in WAGS Miami Sneak Peek: "You’re Disrespectful As Hell!"

  9. WAGS Miami

    WAGS Miami Recap: Astrid Bavaresco Gets Security to Kick Kayla Cox Out of Her Party—"Bitch, You Fake!"

  10. WAGS Miami 205, Astrid Bavaresco, Kayla Cox

    Kayla Cox Apologizes for Talking Behind Astrid Bavaresco's Back in WAGS Miami Sneak Peek

  11. Ashley Nicole, WAGS Miami 205

    See the WAGS Miami Ladies Let Loose in L.A. for Ashley Nicole Wheeler's Bachelorette: "It's Party Time!"

  12. WAGS Miami

    Ashley Nicole Tells Claudia She's Not Invited to Her Bachelorette and Things Get "Awkward as F--k" on WAGS Miami

  13. WAGS Miami 204, Hencha Voigt

    Hencha Voigt Gets Cozy With Astrid Bavaresco's Man on WAGS Miami: "Revenge Is So Sweet"

  14. Wags Miami

    Ashley Nicole's Future Mother-in-Law Is Shocked by Her Expensive Wedding Taste on WAGS Miami: ''$110,000 Just for the Flowers?''

  15. Wags Miami

    Faven Liuget's Husband Corey Isn't Happy About Her Clothing Business on WAGS Miami: "I Need Some Attention Too"

  16. WAGS Miami

    Hencha Voigt and Astrid Bavaresco's Fight Gets Messy on WAGS Miami: "Bitch, Watch Your Back!"

  17. WAGS Miami 203

    The WAGS Miami Ladies Channel Their "Inner Stripper" While Visiting a Sex Shop: "What's My Stripper Name?!"

  18. Astrid Bavaresco, WAGS Miami

    Kayla Cox Calls Out Astrid Bavaresco for Dating Two Guys on WAGS Miami: "I Just Don't Get It!"

  19. WAGS Miami 202, Darnell Thibodeaux

    WAGS Miami Recap: Astrid Steps Into the Dating Game With a Baseball Player and Darnell's Birthday Celebration Goes South

  20. WAGS Miami 202, Astrid Bavaresco, Claudia Sampedro

    WAGS Miami Stars Claudia Sampedro and Astrid Bavaresco Get Frisky With a Banana in Hilarious Sneak Peek

  21. Darnell Nicole, WAGS Miami 402

    The WAGS Miami Ladies Confront Darnell Nicole in a Hot Tub on Her Birthday

  22. Ashley Nicole Wheeler, WAGS Miami 202

    Ashley Nicole Wheeler's Fiancé Drops Wedding Planning Bombshell After Super Bowl Loss: ''I Don't Know If I Wanna Be Involved''

  23. WAGS Miami

    WAGS Miami Recap: Ashley Nicole Wheeler Argues With Her Future Mother-in-Law Ahead of Wedding to Philip Wheeler

  24. Faven Liuget, WAGS Miami 201

    Businesswoman Faven Liuget Is Going From San Diego to Miami on WAGS Miami Season 2 Premiere

  25. WAGS Miami, Ashley Nicole Wheeler, Instagram

    WAGS Miami Star Ashley Nicole Wheeler Opens Up About Life as a Newlywed and How She Changed in Season 2

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