On her new show Untold, which premieres this Thurday, July 17, Maria Menounos will explore various pop culture and celebrity news topics by interviewing celebrities, various experts and Hollywood insiders.

Regular segments that will be featured on the show will include "The Pop Culture Moment," which will showcase the hottest YouTube personalities and Vine stars, as well as "The Untold Moment," which will depict exclusive interviews.

The premiere episode will examine the public's obsession with the British royal family along with a look at how social media has affected their daily lives.

Untold Clip, Maria

Other topics that Maria will be delving into during the premiere episode include how the selfie epidemic has influenced a large number of teenagers and adults to undergo plastic surgery, as well as the movie Sharknado starring Tara Reid that has completely reinvented Syfy's creature feature.

Watch the clip above to see an exclusive sneak peek!

Tune-in for the series premiere of Untold this Thursday July 17 at 8/9c on E!

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