Lana is taking shots at Nattie Neidhart and she's brought along an accomplice to help her get the job done.

In this clip from Wednesday's all-new Total Divas, Lana lures Trinity Fatu into TP-ing Nattie's hotel room while on Nikki Bella's engagement party in Mexico.

"We are TP-ing Natties room," Lana told Trin. "You TP-ing Nattie's room. I'm not being an accomplice and an accessory," Trin shot back. But it didn't take long before Trin had a roll of toilet paper in her hands.

Lana, Nattie Neidhardt, Total Divas


"I really don't want to help Lana pranking Nattie, but dang, if I don't, who will? I'm just going along with it, hopefully I don't get caught," Trinity worried.

Before the girls could finish the job, Nattie was back in her hotel room, catching Lana and Trin red handed.

"Is this all you got, you neurotic little bitch?" Nattie quipped.

After chasing each other around the room with some thorny roses, Trin made her exit and escaped Nattie's wrath.

Watch the hilarious moment go down in the clip above.

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