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Nikki Bella just received the "worst email" ever.

On Wednesday's Total Divas mid-season finale, all of the WWE stars were on edge over the brand extension. And after Nikki was cleared by her doctor and started training again in the ring, she hoped she would be included in the draft.

But while at Lana and Rusev's wedding, Nikki learns that she "can't" be a part of the draft and doesn't understand why.

"It just doesn't make sense," she said.

Take a look at the recap to see what else Nikki had to say about not being a part of the draft and find out what happened moments before Lana and Rusev tied the knot!

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1.  Nikki Gets Her Final CAT Scan:

After getting her final CAT scan on her neck, Nikki sits down with her doctor to see how her neck is healing.

Dr. Juan Uribe looks at the scans with Nikki and tells her that it looks "good" and that he thinks it's "safe to come back" to the WWE.

"I'm just so happy to be cleared by Dr. Uribe!" Nikki says. "This means that I'm hopefully gonna be cleared by WWE. I'm so excited, I'm gonna get drafted!"

2. Dean Chases a Hat Thief:

Renee Young decides to take her boyfriend, WWE star Dean Ambrose, to visit her family in Toronto for her birthday. While her family has met Dean before, it's only been at shows where Dean can act a bit "crazy." So Renee is hoping that her family can see his "sweet" side and love him as much as she does.

But things take a turn when Renee's hat gets stolen while at dinner with Dean and her family and Dean gets up and chases the thief.

"I am so horrified by this," Renee says after the incident.

Total Divas, Total Divas 610


3. Nikki Gets Back in the Ring:

After being cleared by her doctor, Nikki gets back in the ring to practice. But getting back into the swing of things is a little harder than expected.

"I'm totally feeling like a beginner right now," Nikki admits. "I've been out for a year and a year is a long time to be missing from the ring."

Total Divas, Total Divas 610


4. Rusev Buys Himself a Wedding Present:

Lana has been wanting an arch for her wedding, and keeps telling Rusev about it. So when he tells her he has a "surprise" for her a day before their wedding, she thinks he's giving her the arch.

But when she learns that the surprise is actually a Lamborghini for Rusev, Lana gets upset.

"He wouldn't even get me a wedding gift of an arch, but he rented this Lamborghini?" Lana says. "It's just frustrating because he just doesn't care."

Lana then tells Nikki they've been "arguing a lot" about what will be their anniversary, considering they're having two weddings. She then admits that she doesn't think Rusev is taking this "serious," which then made her think about not changing her last name.

"This is the stuff you need to have figured out before you walk down the aisle," Nikki says. "This is like sweeping big time issues under the rug...and that's not OK."

Total Divas, Total Divas 610


5. Renee Wants Dean to "Get It Together":

Renee has been upset with Dean since the hat incident and admits that she wants him to "get it together."

"I need Dean to reel things back now," Renee says. "All chaos broke loose yesterday and he needs to get it together."

When Renee's mom Carole notices the way she's acting, she asks her daughter if she's "mad."

She then explains to Renee that she doesn't want her to make Dean think he can't "be himself" because he has to "impress" her family and calls the hat incident "noble."

Renee then feels "really bad" and apologizes to Dean for trying to make him behave in a certain way.

6. Lana Is "Really Disappointed" in Rusev:

Lana and Rusev are about to tie the knot, but Lana is still "disappointed" in Rusev shortly before the ceremony.

After Rusev didn't deliver on the wedding arch Lana admits, "We're getting married in a couple hours and I'm really disappointed."

Total Divas, Total Divas 610


7. Lana & Rusev Tie the Knot:

As she's walking down the aisle, Lana sees that Rusev actually did get her the arch that she wanted and the surprise instantly changes her mood!

"I can't believe it!" Lana says. "He got me the flower arch, the exact flower arch that I wanted. He really does care and he really does listen and really wants me to be happy."

When Rusev sees Lana walking down the aisle in her beautiful dress he says, "Wow!" And during his vows Rusev calls Lana his "best friend" and "soulmate."

During her vows, Lana tears up and thanks Rusev for being "patient" with her and tells him she's going to take his last name!

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Barnyashev!

Total Divas, Total Divas 610


8. Nikki Won't Be a Part of the WWE Draft:

Nikki is enjoying Lana and Rusev's wedding reception when she receives the "worst" email.

"I don't even have words right now," Nikki says about the email. "I just got the worst email anyone could ever get. I literally just got an email which says I cannot be a part of the draft. I was cleared by my surgeon, I feel ready to go, I really just don't know what to think right now."

Nikki has been training really hard to make her comeback, so she doesn't understand why she won't be included in the draft.

"For some reason I thought that they'd wanna clear me quick and make sure I was a big part of the draft, but I'm not on the is like that the end for me?" Nikki asks.

But even though she's not a part of the draft, Nikki continues to train and vows to make a comeback in the WWE ring.

"I feel really sad because I'm not at TV with the other girls, I'm not getting drafted, but I'm going to prove to everyone that Nikki Bella will be back in that ring, because no one can stop me," Nikki says.

Season eight of Total Divas premieres fall 2018.

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