Lana and Rusev's wedding day is here…but is Lana ready to call it off?

On tonight's mid-season finale of Total Divas, Lana admits that she's "really disappointed" in Rusev just minutes before she's supposed to walk down the aisle.

After receiving mini elephant statues from Maryse and The Miz as a wedding present, Lana is reminded that she was going to get real elephants to surprise her husband on their special day because he loves them.

"It's actually starting to remind me that I was gonna get elephants for my future husband," Lana says. "And he wouldn't even get me a wedding gift of an arch."

Total Divas, Lana, Rusev


Lana continues, "We're getting married in a couple hours and I'm really disappointed."

Watch the clip above to see Lana confess how she's really feeling and then tune in to Total Divas tonight to see if Lana and Rusev tie the knot!

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