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Paige went through a very emotional time on Total Divas.

On Wednesday's episode, Renee Young and the rest of the WWE superstars grew concerned for Paige after she revealed her new romance with Alberto Del Rio, who Nattie Neidhart called the "bad boy of the WWE."

And during a conversation with Renee, Paige admitted that she had a "mental breakdown," which led to her missing a weekend of work.

So what caused Paige to have a breakdown and made her think about packing up and moving back to England?

Take a look at the recap to find out and to see what happened when Renee tried to talk to Paige about her new relationship! Plus see more shocking moments from this episode of Total Divas!

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1. Nikki Wants Bryan to Be Her Coach:

Nikki Bella is ready to get back in the ring, but she needs some help and wants to recruit Daniel Bryan as her coach.

While talking to her mom Kathy, Nikki explains that she's going to visit Brie Bella and Bryan in Washington and she wants to ask Bryan to be her coach while she's there.

"Bryan is a genius in the ring," Nikki says. "He has great psychology, he knows just everything about wrestling. He's very technical in the ring and he's brilliant. I don't know who wouldn't want Daniel Bryan as their coach."

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2. Paige's Romance With Alberto Del Rio Is Revealed:

Nattie decides to throw a going away party for Trinity Fatu before she leaves to film her movie The Marine 5 and when Paige arrives to the party, she's not alone.

When the ladies see Paige with Alberto, they ask Paige how she and Alberto got together.

Paige explains that when Alberto came back, she thought he looked "incredible."

"And then one night we hung out and it just happened," Paige says.

Paige then confesses, "I'm in love."

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3. Paige Storms Off During Fight With Renee:

After Paige misses live events and stops returning phone calls, Renee starts to worry. Renee then learns that Paige is moving in with Alberto and she wants to know what's going on.

So when Renee finally sees Paige, she asks her if she wants to grab coffee. But when they meet up and Renee asks Paige what's been going on, things take an emotional turn.

When Renee asks why Paige missed live events, Paige admits she had a "mental breakdown."

"I seriously had a mental breakdown," Paige tells Renee. "I cracked, I've never cracked before like that. I was gonna pack up and go to England."

Paige explains that she doesn't feel like she's "doing anything anymore" and after working so hard and not having been on TV recently, she doesn't want to be at her age and "doing nothing."

Then when Renee brings up Paige's relationship with Alberto and expresses how "concerned" everyone is about her, Paige says "it's no one's business."

Renee tries to explain that some people are not just gossiping about her, they really are concerned.

"But it's none of their f--king business," Paige replies. "They don't need to know s--t about me, they don't need to know s--t and I don't want to f--king talk about it."

Paige then storms off and says "f--k this."

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4. Eva Marie Lands a Spot on TV:

After not being given a spot on TV, Eva Marie flies herself to TV and presents a new entrance to WWE producer Brian James to show that she's motivated and wants a chance to prove herself.

Following their talk, Eva Marie finds out everyone "loved" her idea and entrance and they give her a match.

"Oh my God!" Eva Marie says. "Tonight I'm back on TV, looks like this just worked out."

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5. Bryan Learns Brie Told Nikki Not to Talk to Him About Wrestling:

Nikki wants to talk to Bryan about wrestling, but Brie tells her not to in case it would make him sad or upset. So when Bryan asks Nikki about her comeback, she has to tell him she can't talk about it.

"I'm not allowed to talk about it," Nikki says. "She said I'm not allowed to talk to you about wrestling whatsoever."

Nikki then gets up and leaves and Bryan asks Brie why she told her not to talk to him about wrestling.

"Because I'm protecting you because I know you've been feeling about it all," Brie explains.

Bryan tells Brie that that's "crazy" and it shouldn't have been an "issue."

"I'm legitimately interested in how her comeback is going," Bryan says and gets up to go talk to Nikki.

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6. Paige Arrives Late to Work:

When Paige arrives late to work after her argument with Renee, she knows she's "in trouble" and has a talk with Mark Carrano, the VP of Talent Relations for the WWE.

"You never told me you were gonna show up this late," he tells Paige.

Caranno explains that he gave her space over the weekend when she needed some time off, but now she's showing up late.

"I'm not even on the show," Paige says. "I'm literally like useless. So I don't know why anyone is worried about me."

Carrano explains that they're all worried about her as a person, but she can't show up to work late.

"I just feel like, like no one really gives a s--t about me here," Paige says as she breaks down crying. "I just feel like that."

Caranno explains that they're gonna move on, but tells her to be honest if she needs something.

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7. Bryan Teaches Nikki & Brie Wrestling Moves:

After having a talk with Nikki, Bryan agrees to help her with her wrestling comeback and shows her and Brie some new moves.

"I can see how excited Bryan is and I can tell he's so happy right now," Brie says.

While Brie was initially against the idea, she can now see how this is really good for Bryan and Nikki's relationship, which recently hit a bump in the road when Brie and Bryan were living with Nikki and John Cena in Florida.

"WWE is a major part of our lives and it's really what we all have in common," Brie explains. "So if I would've let them just talk about WWE, talk about Nicole's comeback, they would've bonded."

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8. Paige & Renee Make Up:

Renee doesn't want to be fighting with Paige anymore, so when she sees her at work she asks if they can talk.

"I hate fighting with you," Renee tells Paige. "We're trying to look out for you and trying to do the right thing and I'm just trying to be the good friend and be here for you. I know you've been through some stuff but like I was just trying to make sure you're good. But also I'm here for you."

Paige tells Renee she understands she was concerned and apologizes for their argument. She then says she's "fine" and swears that if something was really wrong she would tell Renee.

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