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It wasn't an easy road to WrestleMania for Brie Bella.

On Wednesday's season six premiere episode of Total Divas, Brie had her final match at WrestleMania. But there were major bumps along the way before she could step into the ring for her retirement match.

In addition to worrying about her husband Daniel Bryan's health, Brie was confronted by her former friend and roommate, WWE superstar Maryse, who believed Brie and Nikki Bella had "blocked opportunities" from her after a business deal didn't work out three and a half years ago.

Then just one day before WrestleMania, Brie and Nikki got into a major argument in which Nikki called Brie a "bitch."

So what happened and how did Brie do in her last match?

Take a look at the recap to find out and to see more shocking moments from the season six premiere of Total Divas!

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1. Maryse Talks About Her Feud With The Bella Twins:

All of the WWE superstars are in Dallas for WrestleMania and before the major event, a group of the ladies gets together for dinner. The Bella Twins aren't there at the dinner, but when Maryse is asked about her friendship with Brie and Nikki, she explains what happened between them three and a half years ago.

"Basically three and a half years ago I was offered a contract to come back to WWE and Nicole was like, 'Well I think we could get more,'" Maryse says.

Maryse then explains they made a "pact" that the contract would be for all of them, not just one. The next day, Maryse received a call saying the deal was off. Then three weeks later, Maryse says that she got a text from Brie before Monday Night Raw saying, "Hey girl I hope you won't be mad but I'm at Monday Night Raw and we actually got signed and we got a contract."

She goes on to say that it's a "very sensitive subject" because she was "f--ked over really badly" by "best friends."

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2. Brie Gives an Update on Daniel Bryan's Health:

Since Bryan isn't able to be at WrestleMania with Brie, Brie's mom Kathy meets her in Dallas to be there for her last match. During a conversation with her mom, Brie gives an update on her husband's health.

"I got off the phone with Bryan actually right before you came to my room," Brie says. "He can't believe how he woke up this morning and felt, how happy."

Brie continues, "He said this is the first morning in the last six to eight months that he feels complete happiness."

3. Maryse & Brie Come Face to Face After "Huge Falling Out":

After hearing Maryse talk about her past with Brie, Renee Young decides to invite her to dinner with her, Paige and Brie to see if they can make up.

Shortly into the dinner, Maryse confronts Brie about their "huge falling out" and Brie tells Maryse that her side of the story is "not true."

Take a look at the video above to see Maryse and Brie argue!

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4. Nikki Calls Brie a "Bitch" During Explosive Fight:

One day before WrestleMania, Nikki stops by Brie's room and the two get into a major argument.

When Brie vents to Nikki that this isn't how she thought her last WrestleMania match would be, Nikki tells her "that's life."

"I just honestly thought that it would be easier and fun but it's not it's sad," Brie says. "This is my retirement match, this isn't how I wrote it, I wrote it way differently. I wanted Bryan to be there watching or out there with me, I wanted you to be in the ring with me and none of it's happening and I just am like, this isn't what I wanted."

"Yeah but Brie that's life," Nikki replies. "Do you think I want to have a bad neck? Do you think I wanted to have surgery? Do you think I wanted to stay at home for three months? No, but you move on. I get it that this isn't your dream of a retirement match, but think about how I feel. I would do anything to be in your shoes, to be able to compete at the biggest WrestleMania in WWE history. As far as I know my career could be over."

Brie tells Nikki she's "allowed to vent" but Nikki says Brie has to "understand" that she's venting to "a girl sitting right here in a neck brace."

"If I can't vent to Bryan because everything's so hard for him right now, I can't vent to you because I guess it's all really hard on you too, who the f--k do I vent to?" Brie asks.

"Yeah but I think this is the thing is like everyone because of the whole Bryan situation I feel like you guys have all overshadowed what I'm going through as well," Nikki says.

"Holy s--t! No," Brie replies.

Nikki explains that Brie has to understand where she's coming from too.

"I guess maybe I just thought WrestleMania was gonna be a lot different," Brie says.

"Well then go home," Nikki tells Brie.

"Why don't you just go to your room," Brie replies.

Nikki then gets up and leaves and tells Brie, "Happy WrestleMania, bitch."

5. Nattie Neidhart Gets Emotional Talking About Brie's Retirement:

Before WrestleMania starts, Nattie Neidhart and Brie have an emotional conversation about Brie's retirement. During their talk, Nattie admits it feels like she's "losing a friend."

See Brie's reaction to Nattie's confession in the clip above!

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6. Brie Has Her Final WrestleMania Match:

"This week has brought a lot of craziness and chaos, but I'm just looking around and I'm thinking to myself, wow, I am so honored to be amongst all these women," Brie says before her last match. "Just seeing in the last decade where women have come and just knowing that I've been a part of that."

Brie then steps into the ring for her last match, a 10-women tag team. When Brie is tagged in, she goes into "Brie mode" and wins the match for her team. Nikki then surprises the crowd and joins her sister and her teammates in the ring to celebrate.

"As I walk down the ramp I'm emotional looking at my sister, it's been a long time of working with her," Nikki says. "No matter what she and I go through and what she's been going through and what I've been going through, I have her back for life, I'll always support her, I'll always love her. So it's a very bittersweet feeling just knowing that it's gonna be the last time we ever share that ring together."

"It's amazing I look at my last 10 years at WWE, I've had my twin sister as my tag partner, I met my husband here at WWE, I got to see the world, granted I'm still gonna be around, I'm gonna be an ambassador," Brie says.

After the win, Brie says it "doesn't feel" like it was her last match "but it was."

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7. Nikki Wants to Be the Longest Reigning Women's Champion:

After the 10-women tag team match it is revealed that Nikki will be the longest reigning Divas Champion because the title will now be known as the Women's Championship.

"I will forever in history be known as the longest reigning Divas Champion, which don't get me wrong I love because no one can ever beat that reign ever again," Nikki says after she hears the news.

Nikki continues, "But I have a new goal, which is why I have to come back. I want to be the longest reigning Women's Champion. So women's division, watch out, because I'm coming for that title and I'm coming for that reign."

Season eight of Total Divas premieres fall 2018.

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