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What a whirlwind!

In this past season of Total Divas, Paige has experienced a scary motorcycle accident, several dramatic arguments, a girls' trip to Mexico and a proposal! The WWE Diva is clearly one busy girl, and she's not slowing down any time soon!

In anticipation of the exciting season finale of the show on Tuesday night, E! News chatted with Paige about her future wedding, her BFF Rosa Mendes' pregnancy, her ultra-cool signature style and why she compares her family to The Osbournes!

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How's the wedding planning going?

We haven't gotten very far yet. We haven't started planning anything because I think I could be engaged for five years. I don't want to rush into stuff. But I'll keep you posted as soon as I know what's going on.

How's Rosa Mendes doing with her pregnancy?

She's doing absolutely amazing! She's getting bigger and bigger. Her body's staying skinny, but she's just got a belly. Lucky chick! But she's still working so hard. She's got a new kids' line coming out. She's so excited and she looks beautiful. I'm actually the one who set [her and her boyfriend, Bobby] up. I felt like a little cupid. They text me every day like, "We love you. We can't believe you did this for us." I have a few things planned for Rosa that she doesn't know about, which you'll see next season.

How did you discover your signature style?

I've always been like that. That's how I dressed back in England, too. I think I got it from my mother because she's very punky and stuff. But I'll wear clothes until they're literally falling off me because I don't like to go out and buy expensive clothes when I don't need to. That's just how I feel comfortable. I'm not a Louis Vuitton or Dior chick. I like my Vans, my ripped jeans and my snapbacks.

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How does it feel to be a role model for your fans?

It definitely feels absolutely amazing. That's definitely something being on Total Divas in awesome for—it's a platform to get out positive messages and help girls and guys be themselves. They don't have to impress anyone. They can be whoever they want to be and it doesn't matter. I don't care if Tom, Dick and Harry don't like me because of the way I dress. I'm me. I like that I can portray that to everyone and get that message out there.

Have you ever felt pressure to conform?

One of my tryouts with WWE, I tried to conform. I tried to be what I thought I was supposed to be, so I dyed my hair lighter, I got a tan, took my piercings out and wore color, and they didn't like it. I came back as myself and that's how I got signed. I never felt any pressure from them to conform. They've always liked me for the way I am and they never wanted to change me. It's great. I'm lucky, I guess.

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How do you feel about sharing your life with the cameras on the show?

I was definitely worried at first and very skeptical. I wasn't ready for it. But the crew is absolutely amazing. We're like a big family. They make it so easy and you don't even realize they're there half of the time. They're so respectful. It's different because obviously I don't like my personal life being out there, but this is helping people as well.

What does your family think about you doing the show?

My family loves the show. They're like, "Wow, you're completely yourself. You're an absolute nutcase." They're just proud of everything that I've done. They're so supportive of it. This season, my mum is going to make little cameos and so is my dad. You'll see. They'll be in there in little bits.

Would they ever be open to doing a reality show of their own?

Oh yeah! Absolutely! My family is crazy. It would be like watching The Osbournes, but 20 times wilder!

Don't miss this season finale of Total Divas Tuesday at 9 p.m., only on E!

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