TD 314 Recap

These WWE Divas sure are super friendly...

On Sunday's all-new Total Divas, Rosa Mendes develops a huge crush on Paige and puts the moves on her, Brie Bella and husband Daniel Bryan are the victims of a home robbery, while Eva Marie pushes herself to the limit and deals with self-image issues when she lands a photo shoot for a major magazine!

The Bella Twins stop by to visit Eva Marie, who is recovering from her recent breast implant surgery. She shows off her "girls" and the twins take turns copping a feel.

When Brie discovers that Nikki Bella isn't wearing any underwear, she gives her a sister a hard time. Then Nikki jumps onto Brie's lap!

TD 314 Recap

While at brunch with the other Divas, Brie tells them that she and Daniel were recently the victims of a home robbery.

They were even featured on the local news for Daniel's heroic efforts, which involved him capturing one of the robbers and holding him down until the cops arrived!

When Nattie mentions that this could happen again, Brie starts to wonder how she can make her home safer. She isn't too keen on guns but then again, it might be time to change her mind...

TD 314 Recap

While in the car with hubby Jonathan, Eva Marie gets an exciting call from the WWE. She's been asked to do another photo shoot for Muscle & Fitness Hers Magazine!

She's nervous because she needs to get to the gym ASAP and get toned for her upcoming shoot!

TD 314 Recap

Paige and Rosa go clothes shopping together, and Rosa can't resist checking out her fellow Diva!

Looks like someone's got a little crush on her friend...

TD 314 Recap

Back at home, Brie and Daniel are discussing the new alarm system they had put in, along with bulletproof sliding doors.

Then Brie mentions the idea of getting a gun, which Daniel is opposed to!

TD 314 Recap

Alicia Fox has a bunch of the girls over at her house, and the topic of hooking up with other girls comes up.

Watch the clip below to see how Rosa reacts when Paige admits that she has been with a girl before!

After Paige leaves to go work out, Rosa gives her an extra long hug!

TD 314 Recap

Then Rosa admits that she is really attracted to Paige and wants to hang out with her as more than a friend.

Alicia warns Rosa that she shouldn't look too much into things because she might make the friendship awkward if Paige doesn't return her feelings. This doesn't mean that Rosa won't try though...

While hanging out backstage with Nattie and Ariane, Eva Marie reveals that she's been skipping meals for her shoot.

TD 314 Recap

When she continues talking about the fact that she isn't happy with her looks, her friends start to worry about her. Check out the clip below to see her friends' shocked reactions!

When Eva Marie keeps complaining about her looks which drives Ariane crazy and she finally puts her foot down!

TD 314 Recap

Outside they ask WWE Superstar Titus O'Neil how he views himself.

TD 314 Recap

Rosa, Paige and Alicia meet up for a dinner out on the town! But Alicia is starting to feel like the third wheel as she sits there while Rosa flirts with Paige!

Her main concern is that the "Three Amigas" (their nickname) will be ruined if things don't work out between Rosa and Paige...

After Alicia leaves, Rosa is waiting for her cab when she decides to lean in and plant a big kiss on Paige!

TD 314 Recap

But Paige's reaction isn't what Rosa had hoped for! Paige tells Rosa that she views her as a friend, while Rosa thought she was getting plenty of signals from Paige.

Paige apologizes but Rosa leaves and seems very upset! Is this the end of the Three Amigas?

When Daniel picks Brie up from the airport, she tells him that her trainer at the gym made some recommendations for making their home safer—which include putting up barbed wire! Daniel thinks she's gone overboard, but Brie just wants to protect their family.

Then the two get into a cute argument over the pronunciation of "barbed wire!"

TD 314 Recap

Daniel can barely contain himself!

They're so cute, even when they're fighting...

TD 314 Recap

While shopping with Ariane, Eva Marie gets lightheaded and has to sit down. She confesses that the last time she ate was yesterday afternoon. Ariane realizes that it's time to do something about her friend. But what?

Daniel comes home and is shocked to find that Brie has ordered barbed wire to be installed in their backyard! Daniel isn't happy that Brie did this without consulting him first, and he thinks she's gone a little crazy!

TD 314 Recap

Paige is annoyed because Rosa is avoiding her phone calls, and when Paige and Alicia surprise Rosa while she is out to lunch, she is not happy to see them!

Rosa explains that she needs some space because she's still embarrassed over what happened the other night. Will their friendship ever be the same?

While in the car together, Ariane and Jonathan  reveal to Eva Marie that they have a surprise for her! But the redheaded Diva is weirded out by the fact that her friend and her husband have gotten together behind her back to plan something...

They end up bringing her to a loft where an artist is waiting for them. He instructs Eva Marie to describe herself to him as he sketches what she describes, then he has his assistant describe her and he makes a second sketch.

Check out the two different comparisons!

TD 314 Recap

Eva Marie gets emotional and explains that she places a lot of pressure on herself to look good and be a role model for others. She realizes she needs to work more on how she views herself. This has been an incredible learning lesson for her!

Back at the arena, Paige finds Rosa and pulls her aside to talk. She apologizes to her friend for giving her mixed signals and explains that she truly loves Rosa as a good friend.

Rosa apologizes too and says that because she's been rejected so much lately, she's extra fragile. The two make up and are friends again! Paige then cracks a funny joke about herself!

TD 314 Recap

It's photo shoot time and Eva Marie is on set and killing it!

She looks and feels amazing and is extremely grateful for her recent experience, which has taught her a lot about how to view herself in a more positive way!

TD 314 Recap

On next week's Total Divas, Ariane and Alicia have major drama, while Nikki tries to interfere with Brie's plans to have a baby!

Tune-in for an all-new episode of Total Divas Sunday, February 8 at 9/8c on E!

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