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Funkadactyls Latest Pics


WWE Diva Trinity has gone through a lot of change in the past yearfrom her wedding to husband Jonathan Fatu (known as Jimmy Uso in the WWE) to the debut of her new music video "Dance All Night", the Total Divas star has been actively pursuing multiple projects and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

"There is so much going down," she said. "It's pretty cool because I'm seeing myself mature and transitioning into a whole new part of my life and it's all being documented on Total Divas. Sometimes when you're in the moment, you don't think about things and see the way they are. Total Divas has definitely helped me mature and grow up a lot."

Mrs. Fatu also seems to still be in the honeymoon phase of her marriage and looks forward to expanding her home nest down the road, which will include babies...but not just yet.

"My husband and I are married now and it's amazing," Trinity explained. "They say the first year is the toughest but to me it feels the same. He's my ride and die right there, my heart, my everything. Kids are something we've been talking about, trying to figure out. Right now we're looking for homes and working on our careers but eventually we'll want children. It's just cool that we're experiencing all this together. It's definitely special."

Trinity's music career is just heating up and she plans to continue to pursue it simultaneously alongside wrestling.

"I write all my own songs and I'm working on a mixtape now that I want to put out so I can show people it's not just a gimmick," she pointed out. "I plan to do some more videos and get fans' reactions. Going to the studio and recording is an outlet for me and a good distraction from wrestling. It's good to have something else that you love to do."

When asked about Total Divas newcomer Rosa Mendes, Trinity seemed excited for the latest addition to the show.

"It's definitely gonna add some drama and a different layer to the show," Trinity said. "I'm interested to see how she's gonna interact with all of us because we're three seasons in strong now and we all have had the privilege of getting to really know each other. With a newbie coming in, we gotta test them out. I think it's a plus to have someone new to the show, it spices things up and Rosa's a little hot mamacita! I'm very secure in my place on the show so I don't see it as a threat at all. I definitely embrace her."

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Tune-in to the Total Divas season premiere this Sunday, Sept. 7 at 9/8c on E!

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