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Rosa Mendes, Total Divas


Total Divas fans, watch out—there's a new Diva in the mix and she's feistier, zestier and hotter than you could ever imagine!

Despite being new to the show, Rosa Mendes is no stranger to the WWE. The Canadian beauty started out as a model and entered the world of professional wrestling back in 2006 after reaching the final eight in the WWE Divas Search. And now Rosa is ready to take things to the next level.

"My passion is being in the ring," she said. "So now with being on Total Divas I have a lot more opportunities to have matches and eventually go for the title. It's a dream for all us Divas to have that title. The more practice and matches I get, the more of a chance I'll get to run for that title."

Rosa Mendes' Latest Pics

Fans are looking forward to having Rosa on the show because she will add an entirely new dynamic—lots of personality, excitement and of course, drama.

"I love the fact that the WWE fans can see me outside of the ring because they only know me as this feisty Latina that's screaming and slapping people," Rosa explained. "They don't see that we're human and that we have problems like any other people. We also come out of our problems and learn from our experiences, so it's really cool that people get to see that side of me."

Unlike the other Divas on the show who are coupled up (aside from Summer Rae), Rosa is single but definitely looking to mingle.

"I've been single for a year and a half," Rosa pointed out. "I've gone through some struggles but I'm getting my life together and my career. All these beautiful things are happening in my life but I'm missing that one thing: a significant other to share all this with. I'm looking for a husband. I'm going on dates but I am looking for the one and I'm very honest with every guy I go on a date with. I tell them what I want and sometimes it may scare them away and sometimes they may like it. There's a few guys that are cute that I'm friends with so we'll see."

As for Rosa's relationships with the rest of her fellow Divas and their reaction to her joining the show?

"I've known all the Divas except for Eva Marie and Ariane for many years," Rosa said. "So I've known everyone for a really long time, but it's different because I'm getting all these new opportunities now. The Divas division is very competitive, we all want that Divas title, we all want TV time and we all want the spotlight, so when some people get a lot more opportunities, that will lead to conflict."

Reporting by Kamala Kirk

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Tune-in to the Total Divas season premiere on Sunday, Sept. 7 at 9/8c on E!

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