FALL 2018

Is Brie Bella over the idea of having a big wedding ceremony?

The Total Divas star has been busy planning for her big wedding day, although lately she's been shifting into Bridezilla mode, making things extra difficult for those around her.

From going over her wedding budget to sisterly drama with Nikki Bella, Brie has been dealing with a lot, trying to make everyone else happy by planning an extravagant wedding.

TD Clip, Woods

"I am simple, I'm the type of girl who can meet you in the woods and get married," she confesses to her fiancé, WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan.

"Let's do it, right now," he says, taking her by surprise. "We can pull over right now in these trees."

Watch the clip above to see if Brie and Daniel will call off the entire wedding for good!

Tune-in to an all-new Total Divas this Sunday at 9/8c only on E! Season three of Total Divas premieres Sunday, September 7!

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