FALL 2018
Summer Rae

Courtesy: WWE

For better or worse, WWE Diva wrestler Summer Rae isn't afraid to speak her mind.

Referred to as the devil in a blue dress by the WWE, the newest member of Total Divas is the first to admit her honest nature can sometimes lead to trouble.  

"I have a very big, loud personality and sometimes that can be taken wrong with people that I first meet," she exclusively reveals to E! News. "I'm kind of a lot to handle when you first meet me."

And based on previews for season 2, that big personality is already causing plenty of drama with some of her costars.

"I think I'm still trying to figure out the reasons between Nattie and I," Summer Rae said in response to the friction between the two. "It's something we're both trying to iron out and to be very honest with you, I kind of don't get it."

She added, "As strong, beautiful, powerful women like the WWE Divas are, we should always support each other and always uplift each other."

Summer Rae assures us, however, that this season won't all be fighting. It's also about showing fans a new side of the famous athlete who loves and admires Stephanie McMahon.

In addition to meeting her family and close friends away from the ring, fans will also see Summer Rae's relationship with her dancing partner, Fandango.

"I am a ballroom dancer on WWE programming and in my personal life I am no dancer at all," she joked. "It's kind of interesting to see Fandango and I's relationship because that's something nobody has really taken a look into."

And for those who think Summer Rae is just a pretty face, think again!

 "When people see me, I might come across as just eye candy," she explained. "I'm excited to show people I'm not just a girl who wears glitzy outfits and cheers on her man every week." 

Reporting by Jeffrey Wisenbaugh

Tune-in to the season 2 premiere of Total Divas on Sunday, March 16th at 9/8c!

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