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Sunday marked an all-new episode of Total Divas and it definitely pulled at our heartstrings. Trinity and Jon got in a major fight, Brie Bella accused Nikki Bella of "being on vacation" and Nattie had to make a sad decision about her beloved cat, Gismo.

In case you missed it or you just want to relive it, we've got the best moments from the show in a full pic/gif recap!

The episode starts off with John Cena using an electrical device on his recovering elbow. It's making his muscles contract and it looks really weird.

Because Nikki and John like to experiment, they try it out on his chest...

TD Recap, EP 114

John pranks Nikki into thinking she electrocutes him and it's hilarious. Nikki doesn't think it's all that funny.

They kiss, make up and get back to looking like a perfect couple.

TD Recap, EP 114

Speaking of perfect couples, Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan hit the gym together and talk about their futures.

Brie has been wrestling on her own now for five months and she's becoming a strong Diva Championship contender.

Bryan's proud of her and tells her to keep going for her goals.

As they say, a couple that sweats together, stays together...

TD Recap, EP 114

Meanwhile, back at Nattie and TJ's home, Nattie is dressing up her one of a kind cat, Gismo.

He's all ready for Christmas!

TD Recap, EP 114

The Divas head to Monday Night Raw.

Brie is joined by Nikki and Eva Marie and they head down the runway to the big Diva match.

TD Recap, EP 114

It's a match between Nattie, Trinity and Brie.

The Total Divas collide!

TD Recap, EP 114

Brie wins the match and starts to realize her potential in the WWE Divas division...

TD Recap, EP 114

Yikes! Doesn't look good for Nikki...

After the match, Trinity and Ariane meet with WWE talent relations. Trinity's told that she's going to be in a photoshoot for Jet magazine and that they also want to include her in a romantic storyline.

TD Recap, EP 114

Her fiance Jon hears the news and is not very happy. He goes behind Trinity's back and requests that WWE not go ahead with their plan.

Trinity is pissed and they get in a big fight.

She storms away and heads to her photoshoot.

TD Recap, EP 114

Work it, girl!

As Nattie packs up to leave the arena, she gets a call from TJ telling her that Gismo passed out and is not doing well.

She rushes home, grabs Gismo and heads to the vet with TJ.

Something's not right...

TD Recap, EP 114

The vet has to run some tests and Nattie and TJ have to return to the busy world of WWE.

They hate having to leave their sick pet and they're worried sick.

They eventually get a call from the vet. He says that Gismo has had a stroke and has lost the ability to move his back legs.

Nattie and TJ have to make the tough decision to put him to sleep.

TD Recap, EP 114

This is all happening during TJ's big return to the WWE. He's been out for a long time (recovering from a knee injury) and this is supposed to be a big, happy moment.

TJ heads to the ring for his triumphant return and wins the match in dedication to Gismo!

TD Recap, EP 114

Nattie and TJ head to the vet to say their last goodbyes.

It's a very sad moment.

TD Recap, EP 114

Nattie says they didn't want him to suffer any more and they will always love and remember him.

The other Divas give their sympathy and she's very appreciative.

In the WWE world, things never slow down and it's time for the big Night of Champions event!

TD Recap, EP 114

The Divas are set to be in a "Fatal 4-Way" match for the coveted Diva Championship belt!

TD Recap, EP 114

The match is a total free-for-all between Brie, Nattie, Trinity and WWE Diva AJ Lee.

It is intense.

TD Recap, EP 114

Brie does an amazing job and gets close to winning the big match, but AJ Lee pulls it out in the end and keeps the Diva Champion title.

It's a disappointing loss for them all but Brie is proud of how hard she worked.

After the match, Jon approaches Trinity and apologizes for the way he has been acting.

He admits that he's just jealous about the whole love storyline situation and it's his insecurities that made him act that way.

Trinity accepts his apology and they kiss and make up.

TD Recap, EP 114


Speaking of "awww's", TJ arrives home with a big surprise!

TD Recap, EP 114

He surprises Nattie with a new kitten!

Nattie loves the little guy and not even five minutes later, puts him in an adorable outfit...

TD Recap, EP 114

Nattie says Gismo can never be replaced but loves this new addition to their family.

She names him King Louis and gives TJ a big kiss for being so thoughtful.

TD Recap, EP 114

The episode ends with a preview of next week's season finale and we. can't. wait!

Check next week for another full recap and check out for even more Diva related content!

Tune-in to E! next Sunday at 10/9c for the season finale of Total Divas!

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