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Sunday marked an all-new episode of Total Divas and it was dramatic. There was a huge surgery, a live TV mess-up and lots more.

In case you missed it or you just want to relive it, we've got the best moments from the show in a full pic/gif recap!

The episode starts off with Nikki Bella moving into WWE Superstar John Cena's house.

The super hot couple decided to take the big step in their relationship and Nikki's got 26 boxes ready to move in.

Then all of a sudden, one of the boxes starts to vibrate...

Total Divas, EP 111 Recap


John and Nikki laugh off the embarrassing incident and John's excited that she decided to move in with him.

Total Divas, EP 111 Recap

It's Monday Night Raw and Nikki and Brie Bella meet Dennis Haskins, the principal from Saved by the Bell!

So cool!

Total Divas, EP 111 Recap

Nikki pulls Brie aside and tells her about John's upcoming surgery.

Last week, John revealed to Nikki that a big lump on his elbow needs to be removed and he's going to be out of the WWE for six months.

Brie's stunned and gets chills after receiving the news.

Nikki's nervous for her man and gives "him" a big ole' kiss.

Total Divas, EP 111 Recap

But it's time for a WWE Diva matchup and Trinity and Ariane bring the funk!

Total Divas, EP 111 Recap

Check out those Diva moves!

This Diva match is The Funkadactyls vs. AJ Lee and Layla.

Right out of the gate, AJ and Layla rush The Funkadactyls and take them down hard.

Total Divas, EP 111 Recap

Trinity and Ariane get up, recover and come back and take the other Divas down for a nice big win!

After the match, a WWE executive walks over to Eva Marie, Nattie, Trinity and Ariane and announces that Eva is going to be a ring announcer at the next WWE Raw.

Eva's so excited for opportunity but Nattie doesn't think she's up to the task.

Total Divas, EP 111 Recap

The exec tells Eva that she needs to be ready for the live television event and there can be no mess-ups.

After the Diva matches, there's a big moment between John Cena and current WWE Champ Daniel Bryan.

John announces that he's leaving for six months because of his surgery and he's basically passing the torch to Bryan during this time.

It's an emotional moment for the former champ and Bryan handles it respectively.

Brie finds her beau, Bryan, backstage and congratulates him with a big kiss!

Total Divas, EP 111 Recap

And leaves some lipstick on his lips in the process...

Total Divas, EP 111 Recap

Nikki and John leave the wrestling arena and fly to Florida to prep for John's surgery.

They get to the hospital and John gets all hooked up and ready to go.


Total Divas, EP 111 Recap

This surgery could make-or-break John's future wrestling career and we're nervous to see him get wheeled off!

Nikki gives him a final good luck kiss and they take him to the operating room.

Total Divas, EP 111 Recap

We're not going to include any images or gifs from the surgery, but just know it included squirting blood and medical shots of his elbow laid open. It was not pretty.

But, all in all the surgery went off without a hitch and the doctors say he should make a full recovery.

It was pretty funny to see him immediately post-op, still a little loopy on the medication.

Total Divas, EP 111 Recap

Immediately after the surgery, Nikki had to leave to film her upcoming guest spot with Brie on the USA show Psych.

The twins jumped in the makeup chair and Dulé Hill came to say hi!

Total Divas, EP 111 Recap

Then, on set, James Roday took a picture with Nikki and Brie.

Stars left and right in this episode!

Total Divas, EP 111 Recap

The twins look scary in their zombie/vampire makeup!

Total Divas, EP 111 Recap

Eva Marie needs to memorize the names, weights and hometowns of six WWE Superstars.

She's practicing right before the upcoming match and is doing pretty well.

Total Divas, EP 111 Recap

Now it's the real deal. Eva heads into the ring and successfully announces the first five Superstars.

It seems like everything's alright but Eva's face gives it away.

She completely blanks on the last name!

Total Divas, EP 111 Recap

After the match is over the WWE Superstars come over and chew Eva out for the mistake.

Eva apologizes and says at least she didn't cheat...

Meanwhile, back in Florida, Nikki wants to speed up John's recovery time.

We think this will do the trick...

Total Divas, EP 111 Recap

Nurse Nikki comes over to John and gives him some much needed medical lovin'.

Total Divas, EP 111 Recap

While Nikki's nursing her man back to health, Brie is dealing with the added stress of her man being gone out on the road.

Now that Bryan is the face of the WWE, he's doing a lot more press and a lot more events.

Brie misses her guy and FaceTimes with him. Josie joins the fun!

Total Divas, EP 111 Recap

Back in Florida, John brings up an important issue that needs to be addressed before their living situation can go forward.

He needs Nikki to sign a cohabitation agreement.

Total Divas, EP 111 Recap

This comes out of nowhere and Nikki is stunned.

She asks why he decided to tell her about this now and he admits that he didn't want to scare her off.

The agreement basically gives him the right to kick her out of the house at a moment's notice and protects his property.

Nikki says she needs some time to think about it and goes for a drive.

Their whole relationship could be on the line...

Total Divas, EP 111 Recap

The episode ends with a "To be continued..."

But we want to know now!

Check next week for another full recap and check out for even more Diva related content!

Tune-in to E! next Sunday at 10/9c for an all-new Total Divas!

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