"I truly feel that John is my soulmate." Those are some pretty powerful words from Nikki Bella!

The WWE Diva gushed about her WWE Superstar boyfriend, John Cena, during the Total Divas After Party reunion show.

During the mid-season finale, John asked Nikki to move in with him and we were left with her saying yes. We've been wondering what that big transition has been like!

"She would sometimes consider herself a roommate," John reveals. "I would consider her much more than that. I'm truly in love with her." (Cue the "awwww's")

The Total Divas reunited to talk about the events that occurred in the first half of season one and things got super heated, really fast.

"If I wanted my own kids, I would have them myself," Eva Marie said, referring to JoJo. "It's taking a toll on me."

The Diva newbies used to be best friends, but as the competition heated up, their friendship slowly fell apart.

They live together, they train together and it's only getting worse between them.

Watch the clips to see what went down during the reunion!

Total Divas returns on Sunday, November 17th at 10/9c! Check out WWEDivas.com for even more Diva-related content!

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