FALL 2018

A couple that stretches together, stays together.

In an exclusive preview clip from this Sunday's Total Divas, WWE Diva Nikki Bella and WWE Superstar John Cena take some time to stretch their sexy bods.

As Nikki tells us, stretching is very important, especially for the hardworking WWE wrestlers. "Doctors have said, every time we hit that mat it's like putting our bodies through a car accident."

We knew wrestling was intense, but we didn't know it was that intense!

The two sports entertainers get stretched and there are strange noises and body touches everywhere! Some very flattering angles as well... "It's very difficult not to gaze directly into your femininity," John said staring.

One of the stretchers (is that what they're called?) says Nikki has a very tight "IT band". We would totally agree if we knew where that was.

Watch the clip above to see the beautiful art of athletic stretching!

Tune-in to E! this Sunday at 10/9c for an all-new Total Divas! Check out for even more Diva-related content!

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