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In case you missed Sunday night's episode of Total Divas or you just want to relive it, we've got the best moments from the show in a full pic/gif recap!

The episode starts off with Eva Marie and JoJo hitting the gym, working on their fitness. We don't even know what exercise they're doing but we like it...

Total Divas, EP 105

Nattie and her WWE Superstar fiance TJ are enjoying some alone time together in their pool and the phone rings. It's TJ's mom.


Nattie and TJ will be in their hometown with WWE and it's Nattie's birthday week! TJ's mom wants them to stay with her in her one bedroom house and Nattie's not having it.


She doesn't hold back...

Total Divas, EP 105

It's Monday Night Raw and there's an intense Diva match between Nattie and Brie Bella.


It's Nattie's birthday and she's giving it her all!

Total Divas, EP 105

But she ends up losing. Her birthday week is not off to the best start. She wants to relax and spend time with her man. She heads back to her hotel room with TJ.


How do a WWE Superstar and a WWE Diva show affection? Wrestling.

Total Divas, EP 105

Another cute couple is together...and they're learning Chinese?!


John Cena is teaching Nikki Bella some basic Chinese for her upcoming trip to China with the WWE.


It's not coming as easy for her...

Total Divas, EP 105

John brings up Nikki's dad and asks if she's spoken to him in a while.


She says no because of her father's past issues with addiction but John tries to convince her to reach out.


Nikki's resistant at first but starts to warm to the idea.


Could they be any cuter?!

Total Divas, EP 105

Nattie's out to lunch with TJ, his mother and his sister. It's not going very well and they keep bringing up the issue of "family first".


TJ's sister says they should start having kids and her mom is not a fan of that idea...

Total Divas, EP 105

Speaking of family, Nikki and Brie go with their brother J.J. to their grandma's house. They have some good quality time together and Brie brings up a "composting" idea that involves filtering human "waste". 


This all happens at the dinner table...

Total Divas, EP 105

After dinner they visit their grandfather's grave and reminisce about the time they had with him.


He seemed like a great man and after Nikki and Brie's father left when they were 15, he acted as their father figure.


Total Divas, EP 105

While Nattie is in her hometown she decides to visit an old friend who owns a tanning salon.


His name is Jaret and you can tell right off the bat he has feelings for her. They sort of have a "history" together.


Then next thing you know, Nattie's half naked and being sprayed down by this Jaret guy!

Total Divas, EP 105

Trinity, Ariane, Eva Marie and JoJo decide to race some Go-Karts to have some fun together and bond as Divas.


Ariane doesn't hide that she wants to win and you can tell she's definitely starting to annoy Trinity.


They jump in the karts and hit the track!

Total Divas, EP 105

Ariane wins!


She takes her medal, screams, runs around with it and rubs it in all of the other girls' face.


Trinity's not having it.

Total Divas, EP 105



Things only escalate from there. They start calling each other names and telling each other to not act "ghetto".


Trinity shoves her and it starts an intense physical altercation.



Total Divas, EP 105

It's Nattie's birthday and she wants to have a private dinner with TJ and just have some quality alone time. Is that too much to ask?


Guess it is because TJ wants to do dinner with his family on her birthday. She says aboslutely not and heads back to her hotel room.


Nattie gets a call from Jaret and he invites her out to dinner. She decides to go and he rents out a whole restautant!


He admits he has serious feelings for her and hopes she doesn't marry TJ. It was very awkward...

Total Divas, EP 105

Nikki, Brie and J.J. go to a local park to meet up with their father.


They all lay it out on the line and don't hold anything back.


They address the issues they have with each other and the twins get emotional.

Total Divas, EP 105

Their father apologizes for everything he has done and thanks them for telling him how they feel.


He said he will continue to work on everything he has done and to try and repair their relationship as much as possible.


They didn't completely make up but agreed to keep their lines of communication open.


It got us emotional...

Total Divas, EP 105

Because of Ariane and Trinity's fight, they had to go see the big boss lady, Stephanie McMahon.


Ariane blames Trinity for pushing her at the Go-Kart track. Trinity admits to pushing her first and the Queen of the WWE is not happy.

Total Divas, EP 105

Nikki and Brie are backstage at WWE Raw and they're watching their beaus wrestle.


John's lady seems to be really excited about seeing him and admits something pretty personal.

Total Divas, EP 105

She really likes to watch him wrestle...

Total Divas, EP 105

Trinity and Ariane hash it out backstage and apologize for being so short with one another.


They admit their fight shouldn't have went as far as it did and they need to act more professional.


The Funkadactyls reconcile.


Total Divas, EP 105

Though they had a big fight, nothing is going to break this team apart.

Total Divas, EP 105

Check next week for another full recap and check out for even more Diva related content!


Tune-in to E! next Sunday at 10/9c for an all-new Total Divas!

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