FALL 2018

When you look at Trinity, Nattie, Matt Bloom or Brodus Clay in the ring, the last thing you would think to do is make fun of them.

But in this bonus clip from Total Divas, we learn that even WWE Superstars and Divas aren't immune to bullying! In the clip, Trinity and the gang go to a local middle school as part of the "Be A STAR" program, which helps end bullying in schools. There, they all reveal that they were bullied when they were young.

"In fifth grade I had these huge braces," Trinity says to the crowd of kids. "Ugh, I hate even going back and thinking about that."

Even a big guy like Brodus Clay was made fun of when he was a kid. "I have really big feet, like I have a size 17 right now," Brodus says. When the crowd gasps, he explains: "Yeah, it's cool when you're 6'8", but when you're 5'7" and you got a size 15 shoe, it's a little embarrassing. People call you Duckfoot, Bigfoot."

Then Nattie took the stage to offer some encouraging words: "All those differences, all those unique qualities that you guys have that you may be getting teased about now," she said, "if you embrace those, I'm telling you they're the things that are going to make you a champion when you're an adult."

The days of dealing with bullies might be over for these superstars, but on this Sunday's episode of Total Divas, the Divas are all dealing with other pressures. Will the body image demands of being a Diva get the best of the Bellas or the Funkadactyls?

Tune in Sunday at 10/9c for an all-new episode of Total Divas and find out! Check out for even more Diva related content!

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