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In case you missed Sunday night's episode of Total Divas or you just want to relive it, we've got the best moments from the show in a full pic/gif recap!


The episode starts off with WWE Diva Newbies Eva Marie and JoJo hanging out and watching the intense matches at WWE Raw.


Eva Marie spots Fandango, a WWE Superstar, come out onto the main stage. She sees him do some sexy ballroom dancing with an unknown woman and it grabs her interest. Eva asks JoJo about the woman and views this as a perfect chance to get on the main roster. She makes it her mission to have Fandango and WWE set her up to be the go-to permanent dancer.


She's pretty confident about it too...

Total Divas, EP 102

It's time for a Diva match and it's The Bella Twins, Nikki and Brie, up against The Funkadactyls, Ariane and Trinity.


It's a pretty rough match. Dang, these Divas can fight!


Nikki gives us a little more insight into what her and Brie's Bella Twin characters are like...

Total Divas, EP 102

The Bellas pull their signature move, Twin Magic, where they swap each other out in the ring and Nikki comes in for the big finish!


They're declared the winners but when the ref realizes he's been duped, The Funkadactyls are said to win by default and that's when things go insane.

Total Divas, EP 102

Eva Marie catches Fandango after his match and tells him that she wants to be his dance partner from now on. He says she's beautiful but wants to know if she can dance.


She tells him she has lots of dancing experience and a wide range of training covering many different dance types.


Fandango seems impressed and tells her to audition in a couple days when they're all in Tampa together.

Total Divas, EP 102

Eva is really excited about the opportunity and says she wants it bad. This could be her chance to get to the top.


JoJo is excited for her as well and can't wait to see how she does!


Except Eva has a pretty big confession...

Total Divas, EP 102

Nikki, Brie, John Cena and Bryan Danielson are all going on an extended vacation together.


First, Brie and Bryan are going to stay at John's house in Florida for a couple of days and then Nikki and John are spending a couple of days at Bryan's house up in Washington.


They hop on a private plane to John's house and Nikki talks about Eva Marie tweeting at John asking him to be her tag team partner. Nikki is not happy about this but John respects Eva's success at getting noticed in such a competitive industry.


We don't think this is something Nikki wanted to hear...

Total Divas, EP 102

Eva Marie and JoJo are back in their hotel room when they get a knock at their door... It's a surprise visit from Eva's boyfriend!


JoJo didn't know Eva had a boyfriend and neither did we! It was a shock to her and us!


His name is Jonathan and they've been dating for two and a half months. Then out of nowhere, he drops to one knee and proposes!!!

Total Divas, EP 102

She says yes!!


You would too if you saw the size of that ring...

Total Divas, EP 102

Jonathan can't stay long and leaves the next morning.


Later that day, Eva Marie has a meeting with Fandango and takes her brand-new engagement ring off before she goes!


JoJo says she's pretty sure Eva shouldn't do that and Eva replies with this:

Total Divas, EP 102

Sounds good enough to us!


Nikki, Brie and Bryan all get to John's house and it is beautiful.


Just look at the outside!

Total Divas, EP 102

They all jump into John's huge semi-indoor pool and it must have felt amazing.


Have you ever wondered how WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan swims? He doggy paddles...

Total Divas, EP 102

It looks like they all have a great time at John's place but it's time for them to head to Byan's house.


They all hop in the car and go for a fun road trip!


What we'd give to be in that car...

Total Divas, EP 102

Meanwhile, Ariane from The Funkadactyls is sick and tired of how slow their seamstress is and decides to go behind her back.


She goes to a costume place in Hollywood in search of a special look for her and Trinity.


Ariane wants something real special for their next big match.

Total Divas, EP 102

The roadtrip with Nikki, John, Brie and Bryan comes to an end by finally making it to the small town of Aberdeen, Washington.


Bryan's house is a lot different than John's. His life would be considered more "simple".


They all decide to have a battle of the sexes in an intense wood chopping contest. Ya know what they say, when you're in Aberdeen, Washington, you better have a WWE Superstar vs. Diva wood chopping contest... (No? They don't say that?)


Nikki and Brie know they'll lose if they don't have a smart strategy. They decide to go with a distraction plan...

Total Divas, EP 102

Brie gets off to a pretty good start and then Nikki takes over and she doesn't do quite so well...

Total Divas, EP 102

The guys take off their shirts, flex their gigantic muscles and get to work. John plows through some big pieces and wood puns start flying.


Bryan comes up to the block and takes his time with it. It actually ruins the guys' lead and the girls win!!

Total Divas, EP 102

Chopping wood can be very tiring so Nikki and John decide to relax and even look sexy while doing that!


It's not fair!

Total Divas, EP 102

It's time for Eva Marie to prove herself so she auditions with Fandango.

Total Divas, EP 102

To say it went badly would be an understatement...

Total Divas, EP 102

WWE was not very happy...


Ariane finally gets the new costumes for her and Trinity. Ariane tries hers on and loves it, Trinity tries hers on and seems to have some issues with it...

Total Divas, EP 102

Especially in a certain region...

Total Divas, EP 102

The Funkadactyls are put in a bind so they have to go with one of their old costumes right before their match.


We like these better than the new ones!

Total Divas, EP 102

Eva Marie has a very important meeting with the daughter of Vince McMahon and the queen of WWE, Stephanie McMahon.


Stephanie tells Eva if she embarasses herself and embarrasses the company she will be gone.


Eva thinks she's done.

Total Divas, EP 102

Eva tears up, apologizes and says something like this will never happen again. We sure hope so!


Check next week for another full recap and check out for even more Diva related content!


Tune-in to E! next Sunday at 10/9c for an all-new Total Divas!

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