On the season premiere of the brand-new E! show, Total Divas, we meet and learn a little bit about our glamorous WWE Divas!


In case you missed the episode or you just want to re-live it, we've got the greatest moments of the episode in pics/gifs. Get ready for a drama filled "smackdown"!


First up, we get to meet the very fabulous and very sexy, Bella Twins.

Total Divas, EP 101 Recap

Nikki Bella and Brie Bella make up The Bella Twins and they seem to be like one great pair!


They might be twins but that doesn't mean they're the same. Brie describes Nikki as the "loud one" and Nikki says Brie is more "passive".


What's one thing they have in common? They both look great and kick butt in the ring!

Total Divas, EP 101 Recap

The next Divas we meet are The Funkadactyls.


Ariane and Trinity make up this group and they seem to have a ton of sass!


Well, they would say they have a ton of "funk"!

Total Divas, EP 101 Recap

How do they even do this?!

Total Divas, EP 101 Recap

Ariane says she has a lot of "personality" and Trinity declares herslef as the one that actually gets stuff done!


We also find out that Trinity's signature wrestling move is called the "Rear View". It's exactly what it sounds like.

As another wrestler is running at her, she jumps up in the air and they smack right into her butt!


It actually looks super painful!

Total Divas, EP 101 Recap

The next Diva we meet is Nattie, or better known in the ring as, Natalya.

Total Divas, EP 101 Recap

Nattie is from a long line of wrestlers and is a part of the Hart family. She's basically wrestling royalty.


Coming from such a huge wrestling family doesn't mean things are just handed to Nattie. Doors are not open for her just because of her background.


She explains that she worked hard and still works super hard to be where she is today.

Total Divas, EP 101 Recap

Competition among the Divas is fierce!


The WWE Divas are actually a hierarchy. The Bella Twins would be considered at the top and are the "face" of the company. The Funkadactyls are mid-cards who are just not quite there yet and Nattie would be considered a veteran, someone who has been there for years.


There's usually only one Diva match during the huge WWE shows and that means every single Diva has to be at the top of their game to even be considered.

Total Divas, EP 101 Recap

John Cena. Ever heard of him? We thought so.


WWE Superstar, successful actor and oh, he's dating Nikki from The Bella Twins!


The two of them decided to do some fishing out in the rain and there just happened to be a lot of kissing...

Total Divas, EP 101 Recap

Being out in the rain reminds Nikki of a scene from The Notebook and she wants to reenact the big moment at the end.


With a running start and a big leap, she jumps into John's arms and they procede to make out...


A couple this good looking should not be allowed!!

Total Divas, EP 101 Recap

Nikki doesn't get to have all the fun, Brie Bella is actually dating a WWE Superstar as well!


WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan and Brie have been dating for two and a half years. They're even talking marriage!


Brie explains she has a very "hippie" mentality and even though Nikki and her are twins, they're not so similar.

Total Divas, EP 101 Recap

WrestleMania, a huge event in the WWE universe, is quickly approaching!


It's only a week away and the Divas need to get ready for this big event.


We honestly didn't know how big of a deal this thing was!

Total Divas, EP 101 Recap

After Nattie finds out she's not  going to be in a WrestleMania match, she's told two brand new Diva's are joining their ranks...


WWE Diva trainees Eva Marie and JoJo are introduced and they definitely make an impression.


Nikki, Brie, Trinity, Ariane and Nattie meet the two newbies and they already realize these girls are going to be a threat.

Total Divas, EP 101 Recap

Eva Marie is told that she needs to change her hair because she looks too much like a Bella Twin.


WWE wants her to go blonde but she's against that right off the bat. She wants something different. She wants red.


JoJo tries to remind her that her future career is on the line but she goes through with it anyways...

Total Divas, EP 101 Recap

Eva Marie absolutely loves her new hair! We actually like it too! (Not that our opinion matters or anything...)


She's a Diva, and she be actin' like a diva!

Total Divas, EP 101 Recap

Ariane's boyfriend caused a huge scene backstage during an important rehearsal and is causing a rift between Ariane and Trinity.


Trinity thinks there should be some work/relationship boundaries and she confronts Ariane about the incident.


Ariane is not having it and freaks out...

Total Divas, EP 101 Recap

The "conversation" escalates very quickly and some pretty unique phrases get thrown around.


This one was our favorite...

Total Divas, EP 101 Recap

Nikki and John go out to a nice fancy dinner and Nikki has an important question about their relationship and future.


John is a little distracted...

Total Divas, EP 101 Recap

They finally get down to business and discuss marriage. Nikki just wants to know if it's in their future and John says he wants to take things day by day...


But who has time for marriage when WrestleMania is just around the corner?!


It's finally the big day and people are pumped!!

Total Divas, EP 101 Recap

We get to see Daniel Bryan's match and it's intense!


He finishes the round with a huge win and Brie couldn't be more proud!

Total Divas, EP 101 Recap

Nattie is showing Eva Marie and JoJo around WrestleMania and tells them what it's like to be a part of such a huge organization.


Ariane and Trinity are getting ready for the Diva's match against Nikki and Brie, but something goes wrong! Their costumes are still being worked on and they don't know if they'll have them done in time for the match.


Nikki and Brie on the other hand are all dressed and ready...

Total Divas, EP 101 Recap

The Funkadactyls finally get their costumes finished and they get ready for their big match!


Nattie is watching WrestleMania up in a private booth with Eva Marie and JoJo and they're getting excited for the Diva match that is about to happen.


They're thrilled to see their fellow Divas get out there and face-off in front millions of people.


The match is about to start...and John Cena comes out instead...


Nattie, Eva Marie and JoJo head down to the holding room to find out what's the issue. They find the rest of the Divas just sitting there. Something is wrong...

Total Divas, EP 101 Recap

Because of time constraints, the Diva's match had to be cut and that leaves all of the Divas sad and disappointed.


All the Divas come together to support one another but Trinity walks away because she's so upset.

Total Divas, EP 101 Recap

This is what the Divas put all their hard work into and Trinity explains that it's tough to see all of that just go away.


We feel you girl!


Ariane says they'll always have one another and she will always has her back.


The episode ends and we see a huge teaser for the upcoming season. It looks awesome!


Check www.eonline.com/totaldivas next week for another full recap and check out WWEDivas.com for even more Diva related content!


Tune-in to E! next Sunday at 10/9c for an all-new Total Divas!

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