The show must go on!

Brie Bella and Nikki Bella find themselves making WWE history in this clip from Sunday's all-new Total Bellas. However, an appearance from Nikki's ex John Cena may derail their big debut at Royal Rumble 2018!

At first, the WWE stars are confident that they'll kick serious butt at the major wrestling event.

"We've got a tired mama, we've got a broken heart, but no matter what we're going to go in there and kick some ass," Nikki confidently states to the cameras.

Sadly, as Nikki spots her former fiancé backstage, she finds herself totally shaken up.

"Because of all the John stuff, I feel like I've been on such an emotional roller coaster," Nikki confides in her twin. "And today has been like double that."

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"It's so hard," Nikki later poignantly notes in a confessional. "I'm going to be a part of this major historic moment, but I can't help but have all this John stuff on my mind."

"What our fans don't realize is that we're human beings too and we go through struggles in our life," the recently single athlete continues. "But, when we walk out on that ramp, we have to put the smile on our face…the show still goes on."

Thankfully, Nikki finds support in her twin sister and is able to shake off her distracting emotions.

"You're going to kill it. You're going to do amazing," Brie assures Nikki. "It's like riding a bicycle and you have me out there."

"So let's go put our name in history books," the mother of one concludes.

Watch the emotional run in above!

Total Bellas returns 2020, only on E!

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