Saving the planet one diaper at a time! 

The only thing that could rival Daniel Bryan's love for his baby is his love for the environment. On this week's episode of Total Bellas, he is on a mission to convince Brie Bella to use cloth diapers to be environmentally friendly. Tuns out, he is willing to do whatever it takes. 

"Bryan will not stop talking about going to a landfill and seeing what diapers really do to the environment," Brie shared. "You would think he could just show me some documentary, but no." Bryan is determined to show Brie the impact that diapers can have on the planet.

"We were reading online that diapers take 500 years to decompose," Bryan shares with their tour guide. 

Brie Bella, Daniel Bryan, Total Bellas 202


This trip may have been just what Brie needed to see things his way. "I'm a lot like my husband. I may not be as crazy as him, but I do care about our planet and I do care about our environment," Brie shared. "But let me enjoy this pregnancy."

"This is our first pregnancy. This is supposed to be fun, but going to a landfill and seeing what diapers really do to the environment, it's depressing and it's really sad," Brie explained. You've got to love a man who is this concerned about the earth, but hopefully he doesn't drive his wife crazy!

See the hilarious moment in the clip above! 

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