Brie Bella, Total Bellas, Total Bellas 102


Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan just shared some intimate details on Total Bellas!

On the episode, Nikki Bella asked the couple about their sex life after hearing they haven't been intimate in a month.

That's when Brie and Bryan dished to Nikki about their "slow but good" sex process.

Then shortly after the trio's chat, Brie and Bryan ended up having a "quickie" in the bathroom!

Take a look at the recap below to get the scoop on all the OMG moments from this episode of Total Bellas!

Brie Bella, Total Bellas, Total Bellas 102


1. Nikki Asks Brie & Bryan About Their Sex Life:

While at lunch with Brie and Bryan, Nikki asks the couple about their sex life.

"So have you had some sex lately?" Nikki asks. "You said it's been a month, are you OK with that Brie?"

When Nikki explains that Brie told her they can't do a "quickie," Bryan says that it's not that they can't, they just don't want to.

She then asks them to explain their sex process.

"I like music, I like candles, I like to relax," Bryan reveals. "I don't want to just like…go."

2. John Cena Teaches Brie to Drive Stick Shift:

Brie wants to learn how to drive a stick shift car, so she recruits John Cena to help her. Brie learns very quickly, but when Bryan finds out that Brie learned how to drive stick shift from John, he's not pleased because he wanted to teach her. So to get even, he decides to get a swimming lesson from JJ's sister-in-law Lexie.

Brie Bella, Total Bellas, Total Bellas 102


3. Brie Reveals Her "Sex Process":

Brie is trying to set the mood for her and Bryan, so she reorganizes her room.

"So I reorganized," Brie tells Nikki. "I need my candle close to the bed."

"Why?" Nikki asks.

"So…because…when…Bryan and I like to light candles," Brie explains.

That's when Nikki realizes what Brie's telling her.

"Oh wait are you going through your sex process with me right now?" Nikki asks. "This is not why I came in here by the way."

"I know but I'm showing you," Brie replies.

But Nikki almost can't handle it and responds, "Sick."

John Cena, Total Bellas, Total Bellas 102


4. John Had Nikki Sign a 75-Page Contract to Live in His House:

John, Bryan, JJ and WWE's Johnny Ace are talking when Johnny asks them for some advice. Johnny is about to marry the Bellas' mom Kathy and he wants to know what they think about getting a prenup.

"From an emotional standpoint I know your mother is against that," Johnny says to JJ.

That's when John Cena explains that having a prenup offers you a "sense of security." He then reveals, "I had to have your sister sign an agreement to live in the house."

How long is the agreement?

75 pages!

Brie Bella, Daniel Bryan, Total Bellas, Total Bellas 102, GIF


5. Brie & Bryan Have a "Quickie" in the Bathroom:

Brie and Bryan have a quickie in the bathroom, but they both agree they didn't like it.

"I don't want it to just be like focused exclusively on my penis, that's no fun," Bryan explains.

Brie then tells Nikki, "I think I actually like the candles, my light, my fun salt rock and just like the slowness of getting into it."

"Gross," Nikki responds.

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6. Nikki Tells John She Wishes They "Had More Time" Together:

Nikki has been missing spending time with John while he's been working on his recovery. So even though she goes "over" her calories for the day, she tries to lie so she can still go to dinner with John. But when he discovers she lied, he tells her that he's "disappointed" in her.

Nikki then apologizes to John and tells him that she just wishes they "had more time."

"I'm well aware of what's going on, it's just I'm pretty aggressive when it comes to wanting to get healthy," John tells Nikki. "And when something happens…there's no other way to say this, I just put everything else to the back. And my one thing is getting healthy."

"Yeah but that's not fair to me," Nikki tells John.

"It's not fair to you," John replies.

"I'm the woman in your life," Nikki says.

"I'm gonna try to make it fair, I'll try to find a balance," John tells Nikki. "I'm aware that I've been neglecting you but I promise you I'll make time for you. I love you, I know this is a tough time."

7. Brie Prepares for Her Last WrestleMania Match:

In order to prepare for her last WrestleMania match, Brie meets up with WWE star Lana to train. During the training session, Brie opens up about her last match and what she'll miss about being a Diva!

Watch the video above to see what Brie said!

Total Bellas, Total Bellas 102


8. Kathy Confronts Johnny About the Prenup:

On the drive back from training, Brie tells her mom that Johnny is thinking about having her sign a prenup.

Kathy gets upset, but not about the prenup, just about the fact that he had a conversation with the men in their family without her being involved.

She then has a talk with Johnny and he explains he just wanted to get a "second opinion" so he asked John, Bryan and JJ their thoughts because their family.

"I actually really do agree with Johnny, I mean that is what family is for, you go to them, you ask them advice and they help you make the right one," Brie says.

Johnny then tells Kathy he was going to talk to her after he had gotten advice and they could decide what's best for them.

The couple then agrees that they'll work it out and all is well!

Total Bellas returns 2020, only on E!

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