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John Cena admits he's "hard to live with." 

On the series premiere of Total Bellas, Nikki Bella's family moved in with her and John in order to help her recover from neck surgery. But when Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan, along with the Bellas' mom Kathy and their brother JJ, move in they're forced to obey the house rules.

So when the house rules get to be a little too overwhelming, Brie and Daniel contemplate moving out. That's when Nikki informed John that her family is "terrified" of him and "walk on eggshells" around him.

Take a look at the recap to find out how John reacted to the news and to get the scoop on how he apologized!

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1. Daniel Bryan Retires From WWE:

The world was shocked to see Daniel Bryan announce his retirement back in February and on this episode of Total Bellas, we were given a behind-the-scenes look at his announcement on Monday Night Raw.

"My husband has been one of the main faces of WWE in the last couple years," Brie says. "But unfortunately because of injury he was forced to retire. Wrestling has been his dream since he was five years old, WWE is his life. So to hear that it has to come to an end, it just crushes me. We just know how much more he could've done."

While Daniel was in the ring making his announcement, Brie was backstage watching him and fighting back tears.

"It's been really difficult, but the next part of our lives is just beginning," Brie says.

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2. Nikki Has Neck Surgery:

In order to fix her herniated disk, Nikki undergoes neck surgery.

All of Nikki's family is there when she goes in for surgery and before the operation she admits she's "nervous."

"I'm nervous but I'm excited too, I'm ready to do it," Nikki tells the doctor.

During surgery, the doctors find a "really big herniation" in Nikki's neck and are able to remove it.

After the four hour surgery, the doctor tells Kathy that he's "very happy" with the results.

3. The Bella Family Moves in With Nikki & John:

To help with Nikki's recovery, her family moves in to her and John's house. One of the first rules they learn is how to dress up for a formal dinner with the couple.

Take a look at the video above to see Nikki slam Brie over her appearance!

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4. Brie Reveals She & Daniel Haven't Had Sex in a Month:

While at happy hour with her family, Brie asks for pickles. When Nikki asks Brie if she's pregnant, Brie says she wishes she was but, "You have to have sex to get pregnant."

Meanwhile Nikki and John reveal that they have had sex "two nights in a row" even though they are both injured.

So why aren't Brie and Daniel having sex?

"My husband doesn't know what a quickie is," Brie explains.

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5. John Gets Bitten By Brie & Daniel's Dog:

John is helping to inflate a pool float outside with Nikki and JJ when Brie and Daniel's dog Josie gets a little too excited. While attempting to walk back inside from the pool, the dog bites John!

"Woah!" John says after being bitten.

"What happened?" Nikki asks.

"I got a nice meat bite on my thigh," John tells Nikki.

John then walks over to Nikki and shows her the bite mark.

"Nicole that can't happen again," he tells her.

"No I know I can't believe she just bit you," Nikki replies.

When Nikki asks what she should do, John suggests calling "animal control" to come and take the dog away.

After the incident, Daniel apologizes to John about the bite and John tells him, "I know that you're gonna come to whatever resolve you want and it's your dog. Just understand that a biting dog can be a tremendous liability."

6. Brie & Daniel Argue Over Who Will Talk to John About His House Rules:

After their idea to build a dog fence for Josie was shut down by Nikki, Brie and Daniel are ready to move back to Phoenix. But when the question of which one of them will tell John they want to leave comes up, Brie and Daniel both don't want to do it.

See who agrees to talk to John in the clip above!

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7. John Apologizes to the Bella Family:

When Nikki brings up the dog fence incident at dinner, Brie works up the courage to tell John, "Every time we try to feel at home or something it's like Nicole is on us and is like, 'You're gonna make John mad.'"

That's when Nikki tells John, "At the end of the day what it is is everyone feels like they walk on eggshells around you and they're terrified of you."

A shocked John asks, "Hold on what happened? We're talking about dog fences, what the f--k is going on? How do we address this? What do I do that's so bad?"

Brie explains that she walks on eggshells because John can be "stern" and she feels like she's "in trouble."

"OK, alright, allow me to introduce myself, my name is John and I'm very difficult to live with," John admits. "Nicole knows this. I do have like a very set in my ways sort of attitude, but as we discussed the first night you guys are our guests and you're staying here for a long time. I guess that if you guys feel uncomfortable or not at home or not welcome I'm sorry, that certainly is not our intention."

The group is then able to clear the air and seem to be on a better track at the end of their conversation.

Total Bellas returns 2020, only on E!

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