Like mother, like daughter!

Brie Bella has plenty to boast about when it comes to daughter Birdie Danielson. Today the WWE maven chatted exclusively with E! News about her little one's latest milestone and revealed if she'd support a WWE career for Birdie.

"So she's walking, so much gibberish is going on…so I feel like she's gonna really start talking," the mother of one relayed. "She mimics everything you do, so we both have had to really watch our bad words."

Speaking of mimicking, it appears little Birdie has started saying "bye" just like her mom and aunt. "She says it how Nicole and I will say it to each other when we hang out, because we'll always go, 'byeee!'" Brie continued. "So she's now telling everyone, she's going 'byeee!'"

While Brie wasn't sure whether she should correct her daughter or not, twin Nikki Bella assured her that it is the "best." Nonetheless, Brie can't believe her baby is "a little girl now."

And, according to Aunt Coco, the almost 2-year-old is "so strong" for her age. Apparently, the youngster has been wanting to pick up weights. Thus, Brie's already open to the idea of her daughter pursuing a career in the WWE.

"When your child grows up and they want to be who you are—it just makes you feel like you did everything right, like you left a big impression," the 35-year-old mom added. "And I think it would be really neat for her to all of a sudden, you know, one day be a superstar and be like, 'Yeah! My mom was Brie Bella, my dad [was] Daniel Bryan."

Regardless, Brie just wants Birdie to "find her own thing" that makes her happy.

As for baby no. 2 plans? Brie confirmed that she and her husband are still considering a second child. Although the WWE power couple are "talking about it," they aren't sure if this is the right time to expand their brood.

"We're torn right now," Brie expressed. "He and I are like, 'Is this the right time? Is it not?' So we're going back and forth, but we definitely want a second."

Per the Total Bellas star, their hesitation lies mainly with Bryan's WWE champion schedule as it keeps him on the road.

"It's definitely gonna happen this year," the Belle Radici boss admitted. "I just don't know if it's gonna be the beginning part of 2019 or towards the end."

For all of this and more, take a look at the highlights from Brie and Nikki's E! News chat above.

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