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Over the past eight months, we've watched Amanda Bynes slowly unravel as she racked up traffic violation upon traffic violation and singlehandedly turned the streets of Los Angeles into Death Race. But her driving drama is only part of the equation, as Bynes has been showing some early signs of SMS (that's Starlet Meltdown Syndrome) even when she's not behind the wheel.

Naturally, we thought the best way to illustrate Bynes' journey through the legal system would be to rate each blunder on a sliding scale from 1 to Lohan, where 1 is mostly harmless and Lohan is...well, something you would expect Lindsay Lohan to do.

March 7, 2012: Bynes was pulled over by police for talking on her cell phone, but sped off before the officer could give her the ticket. That's a little cray-cray, but at least Bynes showed up to the police station later to sign her ticket.

Rating: 5

April 4, 2012: Police arrested Bynes for a DUI after side-swiping a police car. She was taken into custody after she refused to take a breathalyzer or drug test at the scene of the accident. Driving while intoxicated and refusing to cooperate with the law? That sounds pretty Lohan-esque to us.

Rating: Lohan

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June 5, 2012: After Bynes was charged, she sent out a tweet that read: "Hey @BarackObama... I don't drink. Please fire the cop who arrested me. I also don't hit and run. The end." If Bynes was being clever, then this isn't that big a deal. But if she was actually tweeting the president in hopes that he would help her out, then this rates pretty highly on the Lohan scale.

Rating: 7

August 4 and September 4, 2012: Bynes, after appearing in court, got in two more hit and runs. At least she managed to avoid hitting any police vehicles this time around.

Rating: 8 

September 16, 2012: Bynes went out driving with a suspended license and was promptly caught. Her car was impounded and she was charged for the infraction. She didn't hit anyone on that occasion, but considering the fact that she added another charge to a growing list (and potentially added jail time) while simultaneously showing the police that she just doesn't much care what they think, we have only one choice here...

Rating: LOHAN

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