In this exclusive bonus clip from this past Sunday's The Wanted Life, Siva is wanting to do something special for his five year anniversary with Nareesha, and he needs some help.


If only he lived in a house with some of his best friends from The Wanted... Oh wait, that's right. He does!


Siva tells Jay that his anniversary is coming up and he wants to plan something nice. Jay, being the jokester that he is, tells him that he knows it's coming up because, "It's in my diary."


After Siva mentions a favor, Jay say's he's sick of getting naked. We don't think Siva means THAT kind of favor...


Jay finally stops joking around and Siva asks him to be a waiter for a special dinner that he has planned for Nareesha. Jay agrees to do it and we learn that he actually was a waiter for two years. He just happened to leave out some important details...


"I didn't tell him I was a s--t waiter," Jay says. "I poured drinks in people's laps, I never got tipped, and I stole food." Sounds like it's going to go really well.


Siva has his worries and lays out how he wants the night to go by pleading, "I only hope for this meal that he just does his job, lightens the mood, and doesn't get naked."


Watch the clip above to see their playful banter and be sure to tune in this Sunday at 10/9c for an all new The Wanted Life!


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