Every week we recap the latest The Wanted Life episode with candid observations and pics/gifs of the best moments. We can say right now, this episode did not disappoint.


This ep (as the cool kids say) starts off with The Wanted guys going to their manager Scooter Braun's office. He's got some important news and he wants to surprise the guys.


Scooter (pretty melodramatically) announces that the guys get to perform at the White House!! The guys go insane!

The Wanted Ep 104

Come to find out, they knew already because Nano told them. Sounds about right. Nano ruins everything.

Scooter says the guys get to meet the President of the United States and his family!

They have the opportunity to meet some of the most important people in the world and Tom jumps in and asks this question...

The Wanted Ep 104

This gets the guys going on a huge dog tangent and we learn that Max has a "dog speaking" talent. (Still waiting to hear if this is an actual talent or not.)

The Wanted Ep 104

Good ole' Nathan jumps in and joins the fun. #dogface (Let's get that trending.)

The Wanted Ep 104

The guys start talking about this awesome opportunity and they all agree they have to be on their best behavior. That includes Nathan.

Max has some hilarious advice for him. We think President Obama might also agree...


The Wanted Ep 104

So because Nathan's voice is giving him trouble (cue: "Awww, poor Nathannn!") Jay has to pull double duty and cover his parts.

Jay does the best he can but he's obviously not used to having those parts and messes up a bit in the practice studio.

Nano pretty much views this as the end of the world and suggests he take some voice lessons and embarrasses him in front of all the guys.

But Tom, being the great friend that he is, says he'll go with Jay to the lessons and back him up. Go Tom!

While all this is going on, Max says he's interested in acting and he needs to practice his American accent.

Kelsey offers to help and gives us a little taste of what she calls her "LA accent". We're offended...


The Wanted Ep 104

Jay and Tom hit the vocal lessons and are taught by "Mama Jan". That seems like a sweet name but she's not taking crap from anybody.

The first thing she has the guys do are jumping jacks. You know, the exercise you did in elementary school.

We thought this was a voice lesson?

The Wanted Ep 104

They finally all get to Washington, D.C. and the guys perform at the annual Easter Egg Roll on the lawn of The White House!

Siva says he feels very privileged to have this opportunity and you can tell they are all genuinely excited to be there.

Here comes the big moment they've all been waiting for! They get to meet Michelle Obama!! They're all nervously shuffling around and it's cute to see them have the jitters.

Michelle's about to walk in the door AND THEN...it cuts to commercial... COME ON! We're on the edge of our seats here!!!

It finally cuts back and the guys all get to meet and hug the First Lady!

The Wanted Ep 104

We don't know who we're more jealous of... Michelle because she gets to hug the guys? Or the guys because they get to hug Mrs. Obama?

Either way, it was a really cool moment and we wish we were there.

Max practices his American accent on the First Family's dog and it actually works! If a dog can understand it, anyone should be able to!

Right before Mrs. Obama leaves, she has some advice for the guys...

The Wanted Ep 104

Somehow, we don't think they're going to listen...

And with that, we have to wait one more week to see our beloved The Wanted guys again.


Make sure you tune in next Sunday at 10/9c for another all-new episode of The Wanted Life!

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