The Wanted Life Recap 6-3

The season premiere of The Wanted Life starts off with a bang: The Wanted are moving to the US to record their new album!


But when they get to Los Angeles, first thing is first: They have to break in their new sweet, sweet mansion with a party!

They stop by the studio to talk with their songwriter about the direction of their new album, as well as lay down a track. Nathan and Max talk girls over a game of pool while Tom records his vocals in the sound booth.

When they get back to the house, the boys start planning a big party for that night. Siva and his girlfriend Nareesha, who are a little more low-key than the rest of the band, are concerned that the party will last for all hours of the night.


And then, of course, it does. And Max George immediately starts making moves on all of the girls in attendance…


The next night they take a bit of time to decompress... and then go out to a bar and get smashed.

But all good things must eventually come to an end, and the next day they find themselves in their manager's office getting chewed out for being irresponsible. He's worried their drinking and partying is getting out of hand.


The Wanted nod politely (but have no plans to change their lifestyle)!


Their first big show in LA is at the Paladium, and they bring the house down.


The next day they go back into the studio to lay down a track Nathan wrote. Unfortunately, in the recording booth, Nathan's voice gives out on him. Something is wrong…

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