The Wanted want a girl that walks like Rihanna, and fans want to be able to sing like The Wanted!


One of the best parts of a band releasing a new single is watching fans pick it up and make it their own. From studio remixes to bedroom acoustic sessions, we picked our top 5 favorite covers of "Walks Like Rihanna!"


5. Kelly Jay sang a simple, soulful rendition of "Walks Like Rihanna," proving that she CAN sing. We're just curious if she can dance too...

4. Giuliano Sassi took to his keyboard to create a slower, more melodic version of the song. Allow yourself to be serenaded by this amazing cover!

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3. Despite the seemingly low-tech exterior of this cover, singer Jonathan Mays clearly knows his way around the recording studio! If you listen closely, you can hear that he layered his own voice onto the original track, making it a more complex and sonically cool cover!

2. Robbie Jay is a talented vocalist that seems to spend most of his time covering new pop hits! We're just glad he took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to NAIL his take of "Walks Like Rihanna!"

1. This is the most engineered cover on our list, and we can't help but love it! The backbeat track mixed with the slightly raspy voice of this singer makes this cover simply irresistible.

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