Well, guys, Facebook is finally complete. After years of patiently waiting, logging onto Facebook every morning with hope in our hearts that he would join, it's finally happened. Just as we were about to give up hope, Garth Brooks created a Facebook page.

And he posted a video. An incredibly creepy and strange video that left us wondering if he was actually trying to seduce us through his webcam.

We cannot wait to see all of the cool, slick, neat, and raw stuff he's going to post. We bet it'll probably look something like this...

COOL STUFF! Damn! Skateboard stuff!

garth cool

SLICK STUFF! Look at how slick that guy's car and hair is!

garth slick

NEAT STUFF! Whoa!! Look at how neat and tidy that room is!

garth neat

RAW STUFF! Daaaaaaan! That's some raw-effing dog sex!

garth raw

We will be praying daily that Garth joins Pinterest next.

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